Getting Started

by Rich Moreland  August 8, 2011

Through the encouragement and insistence of those who have given me valuable advice, I’ve started a blog. I don’t rant and rave (at least in print), so topics will be handled with an appropriate dignity considering the ire they may stir up among some people.

I’m an educator and researcher studying the adult industry, particularly issues surrounding the empowerment of female performers, the way adult film is made, health concerns, and the like. I’ve met some interesting people and find those who work in adult entertainment to be engaging intellectually and socially. As I’ve said in print, they are unremarkable people (In other words, they’re just like your neighbors or all those people you went to school with. Everyday people.) working in a quite remarkable industry.

So, if you have any interest in following my thoughts on my research, please feel free. Because I’m putting a book together, editing, rewriting, checking documentation, and working with assistants takes a world of time, so I’ll get to blogging when I can.

I have twitter and facebook accounts but rarely do anything with either. I promise the blog will not fall victim to the same neglect.

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One response to “Getting Started

  1. Kerri Eiker

    Looking forward to following this quirky, slightly bizarre and assured entertaining blog.


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