Hollie Stevens (1982-2012)

by Rich Moreland, July 2012

My research into adult film history suggests that the life expectancy for people who have spent a portion of their lives in the industry may be shorter than the general population, though I’ve no statistics to support that assertion. Legends Marilyn Chambers (age 57) and John Leslie (age 65) are typical. Both had strokes. Marilyn’s, in particular, was set up from years of smoking and drug use. Whether destructive lifestyle habits are more prevalent in the adult biz than in the general population, I cannot say, though I suspect if they are it’s not by much. And, I might add, obesity is not predominant in the industry.

But death visits the young also and I learned this morning that Hollie Stevens, a veteran of almost 90 movies for various studios and over 80 shoots for San Francisco’s Kink.com. passed away after a year long battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I remember reading of her diagnosis a year ago.  Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing her, though I understand her sense of humor and kick-butt attitude was well respected in the business.

Incidentally, when Hollie first discovered a lump in her breast, she was reluctant to seek treatment because she had no health insurance.

Hollie died in hospice care in San Francisco with her husband of 23 days at her bedside. She was 30.


For a greater understanding of Hollie’s fight, read Vanessa L. Pinto’s article at


and Hollie’s obituary at



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