Share the Love

by Rich Moreland, April 2013

I want everybody to be happy and I can do this through porn. It’s beautiful.”

Chloe Foster is signing at the Matrix Models booth and I’ve whisked her aside for a few minutes of conversation. This pixie is vivacious and as enthusiastic as I’ve ever seen in my years of interviewing adult film models.

Chloe’s twenty, but could pass for a schoolgirl, just the image that will turn her film work into money. Any “barely legal” website is going to be hunting for her. In fact, a quick review of her most recent shoots points to a performer who is on the move.

What is captivating about this angelic looking girl is her attitude. The 5’2” dynamo emits an energy that is clearly infectious. She controls her presence during our talk and knows what she wants to achieve.

“I love this is industry, it’s so perfect,” she says. Her whole body is smiling.

Chloe Foster Photo Courtesy of

Chloe Foster
Photo Courtesy of

If I were a cinema photographer I’d hire this girl on the spot. Chloe’s eagerness is that overwhelming. But my skepticism, call it jadedness, pops up and knocks on my head with a caution that says, “Nobody is this agog about shooting sex.” Porn is rough and tumble and the career carcasses of bright-eyed and naïve girls litter the adult film landscape.

“I love being able to share the love,” she goes on. The sparkle in her eyes is endearing; she’s cuddles a million times over. Maybe she is for real.


A Planned Day

Growing up in a “normal middle class family,” Chloe is Italian and resides in Florida. She’s brand new to porn, only been around for a few months, and I’m guessing this is her first trip west. The east coast business is good for starters, but the real deal is in L.A.

A common characteristic of adult film models is a strong proclivity for baring it all and loving it. When asked if she is an exhibitionist, Chloe practically shouts, “Yeah!”

She began by doing cam work, a typical portal into the film industry. Dabbling in solo performances helped her get accustomed to being in front of a camera sans clothes. But Chloe values regular, scheduled work, so change was in the works.

“I realized that I actually liked to go to shoots and have a planned day. That’s when I switched over to the porn industry,” Chloe explains.

The photographer who originally shot her suggested that Chloe send her resume to a professional outfit. As a result, opportunity availed itself for a girl whose career  was treading water with some waitressing and jewelry making to keep busy.

A fair number of models who enter adult film have little education; in fact, high school is an accomplishment for many. Chloe is beyond that crowd. She spent a bit of time in college and could have continued, but nothing caught her attention except a course in theatrical make-up. Creating artistic images appealed to her.

She’s saving her money, another benchmark of future success and hopes to be around the business long enough to achieve MILF status.

That just may be possible because she’s being mentored properly. Chloe has responsibility, and likes the sense of family that porn offers those who seek it. The right modeling agency and friendships with other girls can provide the support needed in a business that profits from intimacy.

The Right Instincts

I’m curious to know how she feels about a some issues performers face.

First, Chloe is upfront about escorting. “I don’t do it. I haven’t done it. And I will not do it.” She is emphatic on that question, at least for now. But there is a reality here. After shooting a couple of hundred scenes to market name recognition, some models turn to additional revenue enhancers. Thus, escorting and exotic dancing step into the picture as alluring alternatives to long days on the set.

Like most performers, Chloe understands the importance of protected sex, admitting that “obviously a condom is safer.” But she’s okay going bareback on the set. Models have a sense of security. They are a closed and tested community which keeps a firewall in place to deflect STDs. And, there is the comfort issue. Getting enough footage for thirty to forty minutes of film means hours of penetration and latex can be abrasive.

But each performer has an obligation to maintain the trust of the community. It’s part of being a good citizen in porn. I ask Chloe if the prospect of working with someone who may have had unprotected sex in escorting or at swing parties bothers her.

“It’s crossed my mind that somebody would go out and have sex the night before and not use a condom,” Chloe says. She can only hope for the best under those circumstances because “it’s their responsibility to keep everybody else safe,” she insists.

Chloe seems un-phased by the vagaries of the industry, so I bring up a situation that’s going to challenge her one of these days, if it hasn’t already. How would she handle a situation in which the director wanted to change a scene or add something that had not been agreed upon beforehand?

“I would say, ‘no,’” Chloe responds. Then she’d call her agent. Handling the problem is his responsibility, “that’s not my job,” she adds.

Good answer, she’s well-schooled. Chloe Foster has gumption and the right instincts.

Still, I keep thinking of her as a babe in the woods, so fragile, so sweet. As mentioned above, stats on internet traffic indicate Chloe’s popularity is soaring, perhaps for that very reason. The fresh face in adult film always gets a friendly start, but maintaining momentum requires variety.

The road ahead is going to be more demanding. To make it today requires the hard-edged atmosphere of a gonzo shoot, a willingness to do interracial, blow bangs, gang bangs with DPs, and bondage, the hottest thing out there now thanks to Fifty Shades. Fortunately, Chloe has anal out of the way, though she clearly looks uncomfortable in the promos for that shoot.

Nevertheless, the future is bright for Chloe Foster. Surely she will get a website eventually, buy her domain name, and expand her portfolio with shoots from the major studios like Evil Angel, Wicked, Vivid,, and others. That accomplished, this diminutive Floridian will be a star in the making.





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2 responses to “Share the Love

  1. Linsey

    So this young woman believes that it is another person’s responsibility to keep her protected from std’s? From reading this, it seems to me that this girl is arrogant and naive. This girl knows what she wants, huh. Based off of what? I’m not bashing the porn industry, but I do think girls need to have a good head on there shoulders before they do things that are so risky. I guess the real problem here is the legal age of adulthood. Let’s let a child’s brain finish developing before we say she’s got it all figured out. Especially when it comes to decision making, reponsibility, and consequences.


    • Linsey,
      Thanks for reading the blog post. Your points are well-taken and you might be interested to know that some people in the industry believe that no girl should come into the business until she is twenty-one. Porn historian Bill Margold, the founder of PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare), pushed for “21 in 2012” to jump start a movement in that direction, but did not garner much support.
      I believe recent research in the psychology of brain development asserts that a brain does not mature until age twenty-five. By far, the most astute women I know in the industry are well into their twenties.
      When I interviewed Chloe, I could sense her naivete.


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