Part 1: Moments with Tara Lynn Foxx

by Rich Moreland, April 2014

As spring settles in I have good news. My manuscript is on the publisher’s desk jumping through the editing hoops. It’s been a long slog, but I could not have completed it without the help of some generous people in the adult film industry. Among these performers, directors, and others, is a delectable sweetie named Tara Lynn Foxx who has risen from a perky nineteen-year-old porn newbie into a recognized star today. I’ve watched her mature and grow in an industry that can be unkind to girls who cannot find their way. TLF has beaten those odds with a fervor that spells success. 

In 2011 I did a series of posts for her blog which I’m reproducing here with some modifications and additions. The entries are in three parts. To check them in their original form and read all about this future porn hall-of-famer, go to Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog.

For the record, TLF’s place as a feminist in modern adult film is preserved within the pages of my upcoming book.


Tara at the 2014 Adult Entertainment Expo Photo courtesy of Glenn Francis/

Tara at the 2014 Adult Entertainment Expo
Photo courtesy of Glenn Francis/

TLF posted this comment for her fans.

(For those that didn’t have the chance to read part 1 here it is! Enjoy! xoxo TLF)

“I’m One of the Luckiest Girls in Porn”
by Rich Moreland, February 2011

“I create this fantasy for you so you can orgasm and have great sex and hopefully learn things because I’m a girl that is so open to sharing.”

The words are those of rising porn talent, Tara Lynn Foxx, a pouty-lipped blonde with animated brown eyes. We’re in San Francisco’s famous “porn castle,” the rehabbed National Guard Armory that is the new home of, the internet giant that markets a variety of BDSM and alternative sexuality websites. She’s up from L.A. to do a couple of shoots with their webmasters.

I’m playing hooky from my college teaching schedule to do research in SF. One of Kink’s gracious employees rounded up Tara for an interview before the twenty-year-old left for the day.

Being a bondage model at Kink can put a strain on the system. Photo courtesy of

Tara at work. Being a bondage model at Kink can put a strain on the system.
Photo courtesy of

We’ve just been introduced; my first impression is beyond positive.

Sitting down with porn actresses is somewhat routine for me, but I quickly discover that this girl is going to be a ride.

Confidence fills the space. Cool. But is she cerebral? I’m looking for information, something more than fan reaction to her latest shoot. Does she have presence? Can she roll through an interview the way the chief bad boy crushes cars at a monster truck rally?

As a former Alaskan governor would say, “you betcha.”

Sans makeup and dressed casually in shorts and top, TLF is engaging, smart, and a sweetheart with her time and energy. She has her opinions and does not back away from telling it from her side.

From the beginning, I learn that she likes people who ask her questions about adult entertainment because she believes it “sheds a positive light” on the industry. But she does have her reservations about too much of a good thing?

“If our taboo goes away, then I think it would hurt us. I don’t want a lot of people to think porn is easy to get into.” She admits that physical entry into the business is not difficult. Being suited for the job is another matter.

“You’re not going to last long if you’re not made for porn. It’s just not made for everybody.”

True. I’ve heard that before. Adult film models are the sexual elite of our culture, but industry survival is a product of self-will and intelligence. Tara at her tender porn age has a wisdom born of experience and hard knocks in an industry that can chew up a girl and spit her out. My interest in her is ascending.

We spend the time talking about Kink and condoms and the fun of porn. But that’s for another day. This account focuses on the beginning . . . .

San Francisco Girl
A few months later we reunite in Las Vegas during the 2011 AVN convention. I grab her (not literally!) for more interviews. In the non-stop four days of the gathering of porn fans and media types, this is no simple task. TLF’s getting her hair and make-up readied for the awards show on Saturday night. We’re talking; the make-up artist ignores our conversation.

Getting ready. Photo courtesy of 3hattergrindhouse

Getting ready.
Photo courtesy of 3hattergrindhouse

“I grew up in the Bay area, born in San Francisco, moved all around. Right before high school I moved up to Oregon. Then after graduating headed to Washington to do webcam. Then down to L.A. to do porn.”

Webcam is an engaging start. I ask how it helped her transition into porn. Tara explains she got to do things for the first time with just herself and at her pace. The surprise was her interpretation what she was actually doing. “I though it was nude modeling, at home, for Playboy, things like that.” But it was more. She started penetrating herself with dildoes. Porn! And she was practically giving it away! But at eighteen, she was, as she puts it, naïve.

Her epiphany was immediate. Tara reasoned she could make more money and reach more people by doing straight up porn in the marketplace that caters to the adult film consumer’s demand—L.A.

Going there would make a difference.

“I’ll make more people cum, that’s what I was thinking,” she says with delight.

In all my interviews with Tara, she communicates a central notion that makes up the “TLF” personality. She cares about others and particularly her fans. Her background—a loving mother and a supportive sister—shapes this sensitivity.

“I am probably one of the luckiest girls in porn, because I didn’t have a super fucked up life when I grew up.” Tara talks about her mom raising her despite the absence of a father, and her mother’s Herculean efforts to support the family.

Mom and LA

Modeling career underway. Traveling to LA. Photo Courtesy of Tara Lynn Foxx

Modeling career underway, going to LA.
Photo Courtesy of Tara Lynn Foxx

Tara also revealed her mother’s intuition. “My mom knew about my plans for getting into porn before I even came down to L.A. I was living in Oregon and I told my mom I was moving to L.A. and we really don’t have any family there anymore, so she’s like, ‘wait a minute, why are you going down there?’ ‘To be a model mom, an actress’.” Tara smiles in the impish way that is hers alone and adds, “She was like, ‘umm, you’re doing porn aren’t you?'” Mothers have a way of knowing these things.

Though her mother was aware of Tara’s decision to enter porn, she is cool with it. Tara mentions that her mom is “very supportive and is actually in talks with me about doing [creating] lingerie for me.”

As for her sister, Tara is a little hesitant. “She knows I do porn, she’s so-so with it, but she loves me.”

Everyone who ever talks to a porn star wants to know about her first time with sex. So, I’ll ask for all of you.

For Tara, it was all about the Bay area lifestyle. It made losing her virginity as easy as jumping on public transit, or at least waiting for it.

Tara confesses what living in San Francisco means for a teenager, “you could get away with a lot more.” Her mom was working all the time and Tara spent long periods away from home, up to a week sometimes. “My mom wouldn’t say much because she assumed I was with my friend, at her house.” SF is a party town and Tara experienced more freedom than most teens and more opportunity to get into sexual mischief.

OK. So how did it happen? Tara is matter-of-fact.

“I was 12. I used to lie and say I was 16, ‘cause I looked older. I was with my best friend and we were leaving the mall and missed the last bus. We were walking to catch the Bart [Bay Area transit]. There were these really cute guys squirting water guns at each other and I yelled at them, of course, because I’m a big mouth and wild like that.”

Makes sense to me; TLF has an endearing sassiness that captures your attention straight away.

“We started talking and they were cute. We lied about our age and said we were older. They lied and said they were younger. They were like 18, 19 or something like that, and we were 12 and 13. It was kind of bad, but it was fun.”

Tara and her friend made a quick pact to lose their virginity that night, then and there. But surprises do occur. TLF did the dirty deed. Her friend backed out.

“I go through with it and I found out she didn’t.”

But there is a moral of sorts to this story. Tara’s friend later lost her virginity in a car. Tara smiles coyly and recalls, “at least I did in a bed.” Was she upset with her friend that fateful day? Not really. What Tara didn’t know was the lucky boy, whatever his age, who scored with her that day started her off on a run of pleasure that would take her into adult film at the too youthful age of 18.

The Girls Have It

Now for the follow-up that every fan wants to know. “When was your first girl-on-girl experience?” I ask, anticipating what I have heard from other models. I was not disappointed. It begins young; in Tara’s case, very young—she was eight.

“I would play with dolls and then go to a dark place and start making out and dry humping and stuff like that.” Everyone starts slow, but maybe not as early as eight.

“My first actual sex with a girl was in my senior year of high school.” That’s better. At least we’re heading in the direction of eighteen.

She turned out to be a hot “Latin chick,” Tara says, and confesses she’s always been attracted to Latin women. “She was the most beautiful thing ever and we did it in my mom’s house.” Probably in a bed, Tara picks her spots carefully.

She adds whimsically, “I might have a girlfriend again” someday but at that time “we were both seniors and we just clicked instantly.”

Clicking with Tara Lynn Foxx is natural and effortless because she is so affable and accommodating. On my list of porn models I’ve gotten to know, she ranks at the top.
More is coming your way later . . . a little on kinkiness, safer sex, thoughts on the industry, and, of all things, feminism . . . . and most important, more about mom and going to L.A.

Rich Moreland, February 2011.




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