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Under the Radar: Karlie Montana, Part 2

by Rich Moreland, November 2014

Karlie Montana Photo courtesy of naughtyamerica.com

Karlie Montana
Photo courtesy of naughtyamerica.com

In the porn business, most shooting falls into two general categories: gonzo or all-sex being the first and features with plot, acting, and high levels of production values the second. Some performers think of themselves as “gonzo girls,” but Karlie Montana values not being typecast. What she does prefer is for director’s chair to relax during the sex scenes, giving the green light to the performers get into each other.

Allow the Sex to Flow

“My biggest pet peeve is when the sex is controlled and directed,” she says. Nevertheless, her work ethic reflects a consummate professional and Karlie recognizes that good directing will produces “the best that is porn.”

As for gonzo, the Arizona native has her own definition that closely mirrors the industry standard established years ago by Evil Angel‘s John Stagliano. It means “free-flowing sex that usually allows you to acknowledge that the camera is there,” Karlie states, adding that the POV (point of view) scenes are some of her favorites to shoot. But her affection for the challenges presented by the feature is never far away.

“As a performer I enjoy shooting features because I love acting and dialogue and a rhyme and reason behind the sex.” “Produced role play scenes,” as she describes them, are particularly invigorating for Karlie. If in doubt, take a look at her performance in one of this year’s AVN nominated films, Shades of Scarlet. She is superb in a finely written and directed story by Mike Quasar.

In truth, Karlie considers herself to be “a Jane of all Trades,” an attitude that ensures steady work. “I’ll give you any style scene you want,” she beams.

The " Jane of all Trades" Photo courtesy of juliland.com

The ” Jane of all Trades”
Photo courtesy of juliland.com

A ten-year career is testament to flexibility and an unbridled enthusiasm that splashes across the screen in a Karlie Montana shoot. Take a moment to check the Adult Video News list of nominated scenes for the upcoming 2014 porn awards in Las Vegas. Karlie is honored in two group scenes: Best All Girl Group Sex Scene in Anikka 2 with Anikka Albrite and Dani Daniels, and Best Group Sex Scene in King James with porn heart throb James Deen and superstars Veruca James, Dani Daniels, Maddy O’Reilly and Penny Pax.

Regardless of the porn genre, when the sex starts, Karlie’s professionalism takes over. Her favorite directors “allow the sex to flow,” she says. Simply put, “the people that allow me to enjoy the sex and have real orgasms are the people I love working for.”

Smiling, Karlie applies an exclamation point. “I do love to bounce into the sex!” And she carries her joy to the other side of the camera. As a director, she knows that to get the best out of performers, let them have sex “however they want to.” In short, “give them sexual freedom!”

Easily Bruised

As times have changed, so has commercialized filmed pornography. Today’s adult business has experienced an upswing in fetish filming and Karlie is ready to do her part. She loves shooting scenes with foot fetishes, pantyhose, and rope play.

But what happens when the page is turned to the rougher sex of bondage porn?

“I love bondage! I have shot plenty of it!” Karlie exclaims. No doubt it would be difficult to find a lovelier model to play a submissive role.

Asked about BDSM porn’s giant, Kink.com, the Valley girl admits never having journeyed to San Francisco to lay herself out in their rough dungeon sex. “I’d like to though,” she comments. “Just got to make sure I don’t get marked up (a common concern girls have in shooting at the Armory). I tend to bruise easily.”

Damsel in Distress. Photo courtesy of antonvideo.com

Damsel in Distress.
Photo courtesy of antonvideo.com

Karlie does have another concern were she to go to Kink. “I usually shoot ‘damsel in distress’ or forced orgasms because it’s hard for me to submit to people. I usually just start laughing which I was told is a way to try and keep control.” Quite possibly. A popular Kink performer a few years ago used laughing as a way to taunt her Doms, so it is not unheard of and a way of topping from the bottom.

Should the fan watch Shades of Scarlet, Karlie’s scene with James Deen and Skin Diamond, both Kink veterans, is noteworthy. Any sense of reluctance on Karlie’s part as a submissive is muted and her enjoyment of girl/girl action fills the screen.

Finally, this statuesque model comments that she is particularly fond of reality porn, one of the newer adult subgenres that mimics mainstream TV. Allow performers to mix it up and do anything that comes to mind. Karlie maintained her website for XxxFastPass network where she shot her own content along with porn actor, Voodoo, recognized as one of the highest paid men in the business. “Our style was reality porn” which she defines as “uncut and unscripted.”

We All Live on the Edge

Every performer has advice for a new girl and Karlie’s is spot on. Foremost, she wants a porn hopeful to understand that success and survival hinges on attitude. “You don’t have to do anything just because your agent or the business tells you to,” Karlie says firmly. Most often that revolves around rough sex, gang bangs, anal, bondage, and other hard-edged shooting demands. Caution is always advised because emotional ruin can crush a girl whose psyche is fragile.

“There is a career in girl/girl only, so never feel pressured to progress if you’re not ready,” Karlie insists. Her emphasis is on the word “progress” because building a lasting porn career is like constructing a house. Start with the foundation and move upward and then into the interior.

Karlie’s porn lesson stresses another consideration. “Save your money,” she says, because a career is too often brief and don’t neglect to buy your domain and “auction your clothes.” Everything produces an income.

Finally, we chat about controversial issues that swirl around the industry, the first being the condom debate. Karlie is blunt.

“When I was doing boy/girl I hated using condoms. It hurt to have aggressive sex for long amounts of time,” especially when some of the guys are so large. Her objections address the downside of protective barriers on a porn set, latex abrasion. For some girls, repeated penetrations, particularly if the shoot is both anal and vaginal, take a toll on the body.

The look of a confident porn veteran. Photo courtesy of twistys.com

A determined porn veteran who know her own mind.
Photo courtesy of twistys.com

Karlie pauses a moment to re-frame her thoughts into a political comment. “I don’t think it is fair to force me to use a condom when people in regular life aren’t forced to do the same.” She mentions the two-week testing protocol the industry uses and emphasizes that “if I want to take that risk it is my decision as well as my responsibility to stay healthy.”

Testing carries over the next issue, escorting, an industry complication that creates a social stigma among performers.

Karlie stands with Chanel Preston, an industry vet who supports performers opting for paid sex beyond the camera but challenges them to be aware of how their ancillary business affects others. “I do support a girl’s choice to escort because I don’t believe in telling someone how to live,” Karlie declares. But she insists that escorting brings responsibility. A girl should be “smart enough to have her clients screened,” know who her johns are, and insist they use a condom. “Sex will always be a risk,” Karlie admits, and it’s unfair to condemn escorting when “hooking up with civilians is ok.”

“Sex is sex,” she says, “whether money is exchanged or not.”

Of course, the danger is bringing an STD onto the set and into the tested performer pool—the point of those who condemn escorting. It ratchets up everyone’s risk. But Karlie extends the argument further. She is critical of the industry’s concept of safe sex, or as some put it, safer sex. It’s “bogus,” the longtime veteran insists, because it is incomplete. Performers are “only tested for a few things,” she adds, and HPV, for example, is not one of them. Yet performers have a “ridiculous false sense of security.”

In the final analysis, when it comes to sexual behavior, Karlie concedes, “We all live on the edge in one way or another.” Perhaps the public should listen to the wisdom of porn girls more often.

*          *          *          *          *

Karlie Montana is described as an “unsung” performer in the industry. What does the label mean to her?  She answers with a bit of humor. “To me ‘unsung’ means under the radar or unnoticed. And, since I’ve been in the business and a ton of people haven’t heard of me . . . well that’s why.”
Put anonymity aside and discover this luscious and provocative woman. Watch her at work. You’ll fall in love with a dynamic, smart, and talented personality packaged in the most classical and sculpted body in adult film. Guaranteed. . . !

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Hiding Her Light: Kalie Montana, Part 1

by Rich Moreland, November 2014

“Over the years she has been one of the most beautiful and passionate performers in girl/girl and she brings all those talents to the boy/girl game,” Elegant Angel general manager Graham Travis tells XBIZ in August, 2012. He is talking about Karlie Montana, a ten-year veteran of the adult film business whose sparkling career hovers just beneath porn’s noise and glitz.

Karlie is the type of performer an industry writer “stumbles upon” through reviewing films. Her name rarely comes up in conversation because the dazzling twenty-eight year old is sinfully guilty of hiding her light under a bushel, as the old Biblical saying goes.

Not surprisingly, finding Karlie took a bit of effort on the part of this writer. Inquiries among industry friends finally yielded her contact information and she was gracious to grant an interview.

Photo courtesy of Twistys.com

Photo courtesy of Twistys.com


What to make of this “star” who goes about her business in an orderly resolute way, the sure sign of a blue-collar work ethic? Make no mistake, Karlie Montana is not seduced by fleeting glamor like so many gullible young women who give porn a shot then bail after a few months. She could never afford to be. Longevity was always her plan and that meant passing up quick money for a steady income.

“I have lasted this long because I paced myself,” the 5’7″ stunner says. “I’ve taken my time in this business. Fame was never my goal, stability was.”

Taking a moment to reflect, Karlie reemphasizes being grounded and taking care of herself. “The one thing I appreciate from this business is the financially stability it has given me.” That’s wisdom in an industry that seduces “stars” who are often ill-equipped to manage instant attention. A director once characterized most girls as way too young to negotiate their way through the adult film business, making $20,000 a month and ending up with $21,000 worth of debt from wasteful spending. Like hamsters on wheels, they turn over their days booking whatever comes along because they have no plan, no anchor.

In fact, Karlie broke into porn at eighteen, the earliest age legally possible and her story at first seems to fit the misinformed image that porn girls are desperate creatures without resources. In this respect, Karlie’s background feeds the public’s perception of porn as an entangler of young women living on the fringes of decent society.

Part of Karlie may appear to offer credence to this perception, though a closer look dispels any assumption that she was ever victimized by the industry or her own lack of control over her career.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Karlie moved to Southern California where she started working at age sixteen serving up ice cream. “I grew up in the “Valley,” she says, speaking of the San Fernando Valley on the far side of the iconic Hollywood sign. “So porn has always been around.” Indeed, Karlie saw her share as an adolescent.

Her developing years were not easy. “I was a teen runaway and a high school dropout,” she remembers. Cashing in on her street smarts, the amply built performer used her situation to her advantage by celebrating a fondness for showing off her physical assets.

“I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I love flashing people at the street races!” Karlie exclaims with a wink. Soon after she reached the magical eighteen, a modeling agent connected with the industry contacted her and the red-haired seductress turned her free-flowing sexuality into a career. “Porn truly gave me a way to be financially stable,” Karlie repeats with appreciation. “Without it I don’t know where I would be.”

A Life Changing Decision

Decades ago when the venerable Jim South was porn’s most well-known agent, girls were advised to not jump right into the roughest and nastiest sex. They began with solo shoots (magazine photos for the most part), then accumulated some girl/girl scenes before plunging into the hardcore action that will follow them until the end of days.

It was a gradual process that accustomed performers to the unforgiving demands of adult film.

Karlie used this formula to move from porn’s wading pool into the deep end. “I didn’t start doing boy/girl right away, I’ve taken my time in this business,” she says with measured confidence before touching on her shooting history.

“I started in 2004 as a girl/girl and solo performer. I did girl/girl for eight years before I decided to transition to boy/girl. I was twenty-five when I did my first boy/girl. I felt at that point I was grown enough to make a life changing decision. To me there is a huge difference between girl/girl and boy/girl and the lifelong impact that goes along with it.”

Photo courtesy of Torrid Art.

Photo courtesy of Torrid Art.

When asked to elaborate on her fondness for girl/girl, Karlie explains that personal taste (pun intended) is the key. “It’s all I wanted to do,” she says. Though she remained single, men were always around. “I had a few relationships in those eight years,” she adds. So, unlike some porn girls who stop doing the opposite sex on-screen when they enter into a steady relationship, Karlie’s decision “wasn’t for a man,” she jokes.

Essentially, it was a business move that reflected Karlie Montana’s understanding of economics and the concept of scarcity. “Because I held out for so long, people were willing to pay for something fans have been dying to see. As a result, I had one of the highest boy/girl rates around.” Porn girls can be plenty smart in this regard, don’t forget Allie Haze and Jessie Andrews who finally did anal on film after establishing themselves in the business and waiting for demand to build.

Karlie’s patience paid off. “I waited for so long because [hardcore] is a big deal.” Boy/girl is “very different,” she explains. “I wanted it to be a decision that I was completely sure of and doing for the right reasons and ready for the impact it had on my life.”

Karlie’s foray into explicit penetrative sex was rewarding, but short-lived. “I have now returned to girl/girl because it’s what I’m happiest doing.” So for her fans, the boy/girl shoots are limited and destined to become a library in their own right.

There are further issues in her decision, however. Karlie admits that “boy/girl takes a lot from you physically and emotionally. It’s hard on your body and affects all areas of your life.” She comments that during her boy/girl time she was in a committed relationship. Home life can take a hit when a significant other is doing penetrative sex on film; the personal sense of vulnerability that results can be difficult to manage.

So, where is Karlie today? “At this point in my life I want to be happy and healthy and enjoy what I do for work,” she says, then humorously declares that for her fans, all is not lost. “There’s content out of me sucking and fucking to last for the rest of my life.” Enough for all.

Referencing her close friendships in the industry, most of whom are photographers and filmmakers (Dana Vespoli, Rick Shameless, Dani Daniels, Tammy Sands, and Stormy Daniels head a list she describes as “real relationships.”), Karlie understands the value of support and carries this over to her own directing gigs. As a performer, she has learned that being in the director’s chair means “treating the talent like humans and not robots.”

Karlie shooting with Dani Daniels. Photo courtesy of Twistys.com

Karlie shooting with Dani Daniels.
Photo courtesy of Twistys.com

As in any business, people bring their home issues to work. “Sometimes people have a bad day. It’s not easy to disconnect from your personal life problems and walk on a set and give your all to a scene,” Karlie says. “So for me as a director, it is important to let the talent know that I care about them as people and want them to enjoy their time with me on set. That’s how you get happy faces!”

When pressed about her future, Karlie Montana not surprisingly points toward directing, a path to which many performers aspire. With her work ethic, success is bound to come her way.

*          *          *          *          *

In the second part of the Karlie Montana story we’ll take a look at her preferences on-screen and how she perceives some of the issues facing porn today. In the meantime, for more pics and information catch up with Karlie on Facebook and twitter.

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Everything You Wanted to Be: A Review of Zero Tolerance’s “Shades of Scarlet”

by Rich Moreland, November 2014

shades of scarlet boxcover


With the explosion of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to the highly marketable “mommie porn” audience, adult film has been spinning its own version of the dominance/submission formula for a while now. Mostly, the result is a variety of BDSM lite shoots where a bit of flogging and a blindfold are standard fare. “Shades of Scarlet” moves past this fluff and turns up the heat a bit. The film’s BDSM scenes flavor an emerging adult genre I call “submission porn,” a cross between low-cal BDSM and Kink.com‘s harsher fare.

“Shades” introduces an erotic writer Roz Collins (Anthony Rosano) who responds to a fan email with a cell phone seduction that appears off beat. His image on-screen is strictly in profile, dark and foreboding with extreme facial closeups. Of course, that is not by accident.

Karlie Montana Photo courtesy of Officefantasy2.com

Karlie Montana
Photo courtesy of Officefantasy2.com

His fan, the bookwormish office worker Karlie Montana, delights in Collins’ creativity, especially his latest work, “Scarlet: When Passions Collide.” His books take her away from her mundane reality emphasized by the film’s Midwestern setting. As a result, she romanticizes Collins as “a man I could never meet” and Scarlet, as “as a girl I could never be.”

In their first conversation she says she could never do the things he writes about.

“Never or not yet?” he replies and the tone for the film is set.

Collins asks her if she would like to meet the characters in his book. “They’re real?” she asks. “They are now,” he says, and leaves instructions for her new adventure.

Giddy at first and then apprehensive, Karlie obeys, knowing that her fear of her desires is hovering over her. She will meet Collins’s kinky mind with the sex play of two couples: Mr. Pete and AJ Applegate, and Tommy Pistol and Romi Rain.

Two Visits

Entering a warehouse covered with street art, a stunned Karlie encounters Mr. Pete and the submissive AJ fully engaged in a BDSM scene. The scenario will be repeated later when she walks into a dungeon-like room in which Tommy and Romi are likewise playing. To emphasize their vulnerability, both women are blindfolded and subjected to whipping, cropping, paddling.

AJ Applegate Photo courtesy of Zero Tolerance

AJ Applegate
Photo courtesy of Zero Tolerance

In the first scene, the voyeuristic Karlie reaches into her panties; in the second, she fondles herself after being ordered to remove them. Mr. Pete and AJ transform Karlie’s expression from reticence to fascination; by the time Tommy and Romi’s sexual romp ends with the pop shot, she’s entranced.

Director Mike Quasar has constructed two dynamite sex scenes with just the right blend of bondage and hardcore sex. There’s smacking and spanking, lots of deep throating and vaginal penetration, but no anal because it is not a big seller in the couples market.

After watching Mr. Pete and AJ, Karlie inwardly confesses that she’s in love with Collins and is ready to engage him. However, before they can meet, he insists she must return to the warehouse and seek out a man called “Tommy.”

“I don’t remember that character,” she says.

“I haven’t written him yet,” Collins replies.

Collins knows Karlie is obedient; Tommy will test her will to submit.

At first Karlie winces as a suspended Romi receives her punishments. Before Tommy unshackles his submissive for sex, he confines Karlie to a jail-like cage to watch his raven-haired captive pleasured by her “master.”

Romi Rain Photo courtesy of romirain.com

Romi Rain
Photo courtesy of romirain.com

An educational moment for neophyte BDSMers occurs here. Tommy turns to Karlie and demands to know if she wants him to “hurt” Romi. She shakes her head. He then asks his caged guest if he should “go harder” with his playmate. Karlie is okay with that. In response, Pete and Romi lovingly kiss and Romi smiles appreciatively when the going gets rough, declaring she loves the pain because it intensifies her sexual response.

BDSMers separate emotional hurt from pain. Pain is enjoyable in an erotic sense. Hurting is never acceptable and Quasar makes that point here.

Goodbye to Scarlet

The film’s final sex scenes are contrasts. Karlie gets a call from Collins informing her a package is arriving with clothes to wear for tonight’s appointment. As usual, she anticipates meeting with him but the time is not right, she learns.

Again in the warehouse, Karlie stands, blindfolded with a leash held by James Deen. This three-way scene will feature the sultry Skin Diamond, James’ submissive, who will become Karlie’s dominant. It’s training for Karlie who addresses James and Skin as “master” and “mistress,” thanking them for everything they do to her.

There’s mild to moderate flogging and cropping suitable for viewers who feel comfortable getting into BDSM. Interestingly, Karlie Montana’s bondage resume does not include Kink.com, whereas AJ, Skin, Tommy, and James have shot for the San Francisco studio several times. Yet, Karlie’s performance is convincing enough to pass the authentic Kink submissive test. That’s verisimilitude.

There are a variety of position changes to go with the usual porn fare: lots of oral sex to highlight the action featuring enthusiastic, top of the line performers. When the sex gets steamy, the bondage ingredients tend to be dropped, something which often happens with real life lovers experimenting with BDSM.

The next day at work, Karlie takes a call from Collins.

“How was your night?” he asks.

“Incredible, I never in a million years thought something like that would happen to me,” she says.

He tells her the time has come and she enthusiastically expects to meet with him. But first, he wants to know what her imagination tells her he looks like.

The significance of her journey is revealed. Karlie must engage reality through her fantasies, to find common ground with her fears so her sexuality can be released. After she describes a tall handsome man, Collins terminates the call with a good-bye to “Scarlet.” She politely corrects him with “Karlie,” but it is too late, her imagination has leapfrogged reality.

Karlie is given her dream man, a meeting set up by Collins who tells her “you get to be everything you ever wanted to be.” In a final phone call, Collins says a farewell to “Scarlet,” reminding Karlie that “this is where the story ends,” and, of course, her hoped for reality begins.

She enters the warehouse one more time.

The final sex scene with Derrick Pierce is Karlie’s awakening through restraint–leather cuffs, a blindfold, and bondage sex–put in motion by a voice she can never meet, a creator of characters that are not real. Though there are submissive elements, Derrick is gentle and romantic, fulfilling Karlie’s fantasies.

Karlie in Derrick's hands Photo courtesy of Zero Tolerance

Karlie in Derrick’s hands
Photo courtesy of RAI

The scene is uplifting with music that lends a dreamy quality to the sex. In fact, dreams are the closing image of a film that ends where it began, in the imagination of a sleepy office worker who puts down her copy of the Scarlet novel and drifts off, alone in her bed, into a bondage phantasmagoria.


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