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by Rich Moreland, August, 2013

Photo Courtesy of CapturedErotica

Photo Courtesy of CapturedErotica

She is in strappado at the mercy of an unseen, but all seeing, Master. Dripping with primal sexuality, her exquisite image kneels in the day’s fading warmth. The collective fluid of her lovers washes ashore with each orgasmic wave and pools with hers in the fantasy sands of desire. She pays homage to them, her Master, and the Sacred Feminine, the nurturer of mankind.

All imagined phalluses point toward her in admiration and need.

Yet, she is not what she seems because the submissive is spiritually the dominant. The desire for her yields any control over her. The Master is her lover because she allows it, wants it, and lets him do as he pleases.

Is it a charade, this worship of the captured woman, or an elusive adolescent fantasy that teases the ego?

Whatever ethereal visions swirl in the mind to unravel these questions, the truth is uncomplicated. A simple “no” vanquishes and evaporates all images. The art will vanish and the soul is crushed.

This beautiful photo came to me courtesy of Casey Calvert, bondage model, sexual masochist, and rising adult film star. In the weeks to come, I hope to introduce her to you so that you can animate her exquisite image seen here and take a peek at the woman who lay within the model.

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