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Taking the Orgasms, if You Don’t Mind: Rain DeGrey, Part One

by Rich Moreland, February 2015
Adult film models fall into two broad categories. First is the fresh face who is excited about her new-found line of work and wants to make everybody happy. A bit naïve, of course, but give her credit for enthusiasm, especially if she sticks around for a while. Next is the established veteran who realistically grasps the business and has a solid film resume around which she has built a fan base. Having paid her dues, she’s probably branded her name.

Both can be found in the LA porn world.

Rain during our interview. Photo courtesy of 3hattergrindhouse.com

Rain during our interview.
Photo courtesy of 3hattergrindhouse.com

However, there is a third performer, the bona fide fetish model who gets her kinks in Northern California’s porn theater. One such girl is San Franciscan Rain DeGrey who recently left her Kink.com roots and crossed the Bay into Oakland to join the staff at Intersec, an internet company that rivals Kink’s business model.

The transition was seamless because Rain was already familiar with Intersec’s product, having modeled for all the company’s sites: Real Time Bondage, Sexually Broken, Top Girl, Infernal Restraints, and Hard Tied.

Rain took a half hour out of her busy schedule to talk with our media team recently in Las Vegas. She mentions the Vegas AVN show is actually a recruiting trip for her.

“I’m the talent booker for Intersec interactive and here to recruit for Sexually Broken.”

Rain’s shooting history at Kink makes her one of their most popular models and she gladly reflects on her time with the company. Her familiarity with the directors landed her “a lot of shoots, maybe even more than a model in her thirties who is heavily tattooed should get,” she remembers. However, Rain is not shy. “I am an amazing performer and I love what I do,” a fact that explains all those Kink segments.

How did she get started?

The idea of sending an application to Kink came from an acquaintance at the SF Citadel (a local BDSM facility that doubles as a club and community center). Doubting that she was attractive enough for the company and overly inked to boot, Rain took a chance anyway.

A little suspension can take a nurse to new heights. Photo courtesy of Kink.com

A little suspension can take a nurse to new heights.
Photo courtesy of Kink.com

Kink booked her the next week.

It was “mind-blowing,” Rain declares, because now she could make money for what she was already doing for free. “I love this shit, it’s why I get up in the morning and I can make a living doing it? It was like winning the lottery.”

With a day job as a nurse, Rain never intended to enter the industry. But the phone kept ringing, so she turned in her bedpans for twisting in suspension above a basement floor.

The statuesque blonde describes her career adjustment by presenting a choice between a run-of-the-mill job (like working at a gas station) and what seduced her, summarizing it this way:

“You could be having incredible sex with a ridiculously good-looking person who is skilled at fucking. [Throw in] flattering lighting, good makeup, paperwork proving that [everyone is] STD free and a huge paycheck. . . . Hmmm, I’m going to take the orgasms, if you don’t mind.”

“And that is how I accidentally got into porn,” she concludes with a smile.

Friendly Face

Stepping into BDSM is not for every performer out there; as a result, recruiting new talent has its challenges.

Sex in bondage is “scary for some people,” Rain says. In vanilla porn a girl learns “all sorts of techniques and pivots” to back away and ease the discomfort of penetrative sex. With a bondage shoot those options disappear. “Escape,” as Rain phrases it, is minimized so that trust becomes imperative for success. The shoot can be psychologically harrowing. “You put a chick in bondage and you take that option away from her. A lot of girls don’t want to give up control.”

Throw in accelerated levels of intensity and a bondage orgasm “can be powerful,” Rain says. “We’ve had girls cry, had them get dizzy because they don’t ordinarily cum that hard.” She references “cum drunk,” the result of putting “a model in sexual subspace.”

We get “LA porn girls with the big fake tits, blonde hair and the shellac of makeup and halfway through [their shoot] you can see them shift, the pretenses drop, they not doing the LA porny fake moan, ‘it’s so good,'” Rain jokes. Honesty takes over. “It’s a beautiful transformation on-screen.”

Model Skylar Price shooting for Top Girl. Photo courtesy of TopGirl.com

Model Skylar Price shooting for Top Girl.
Photo courtesy of TopGirl.com

When models complete their booking, Intersec pays for the flight home, but some are not ready to go. “We put them in the green room and they’re like ‘Is it okay if I just sit here for an hour?'”

The company isn’t going “to boot them out of the studio,” Rain says, preferring instead that the performer “sit down and enjoy the buzz [they] just earned.” She characterizes post-shoot reactions as “naked relief.”

But not all models reach a BDSM nirvana. “Some girls love it and some girls can’t take the journey [despite being paid] a ton of cash. Not everyone is willing to walk to the other side.”

Rain explains. “We recognize what we’re asking models to do is strenuous. No one ever comes away from a shoot neutral. [We] either open their eyes and show them a whole new world and they are hooked, or they say ‘never again.’ Both responses are valid.”

A shoot can get intense. Model Jynx Maze for Sexually Broken. Photo courtesy of Intersec.com

A shoot can get intense. Model Jynx Maze for Sexually Broken.
Photo courtesy of Intersec.com

For those who can’t make it to a shoot’s finish line, a “kill fee” is paid and the model gets something for the completed segments. Intersec covers her air fare with “no hard feelings.” But that situation is rare, Rain insists, because “our handlers are the best in the entire planet.”

In the bondage business, that is worth gold.

“I see these fussy girls come in” and I’ll think, “You’ll not be able to extract an hour of content from her.” In those cases, the crew’s creativity takes over; timing and pace can produce a workable solution. It works like this.

“Just five minutes in a position, hit her [with BDSM toys], take her out [of her predicament],” Rain explains. “Once we string [the segments] together [with even] the fussiest girls, we can usually get a shoot out of it. We won’t book them again, but very rarely does someone get sent home because we adapt the level of the shoot [to get results we want].”

Rain behind the scenes at Intersec. Photo courtesy of Intersec.com

Rain behind the scenes at Intersec.
Photo courtesy of Intersec.com

The end product may not be up to Intersec’s standards, but accommodations are made. “We would prefer not to do the super light shoots, all we ask is that a model go as hard as she possibly can. You can see the effort. If a vanilla LA girl is giving it her all, that’s what the viewers want to see . . . her honestly trying.”

Being a talent recruiter for a BDSM internet site has its moments. Not every girl is confident about shooting a hardcore bondage scene, Rain DeGrey says, so “I am here today to put a friendly face on Sexually Broken.”

*           *           *

If interested in further information on becoming an Intersec model, click here.

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