Eyes Wide: Another Day at Work

by Rich Moreland, September, 2013

Many months ago I was chatting with a veteran performer about Kink.com. A regular at the San Francisco facility, she mentioned that shooting there can take a lot out of a model. Kink.com is the premier BDSM porn company. Its websites define what it means to be kinky and performers quickly discover how psychologically and physically demanding a Kink shoot is. Some respond with reticence and prefer to go home after a single booking. Others consider the Castle an always welcome diversion from vanilla porn.

It boils down to the model’s soul.

Our conversation turned to a handful of new girls, “up and comers” the mid-thirties vet called them, who are experimenting with the Kink brand and seizing the company’s sexual fetishes as their personal fun house. Offering an example, she described the rigors of a Bound Gang Bangs shoot and how these young porn honeys are taking it all in stride. One name popped up, Floridian-turned-West Coaster Casey Calvert. I resolved then and there I was going to find out if this BDSM sweetie is the real deal.

Immediately upon seeing Casey Calvert on film, her eyes captured my attention. The eyes are the gateway to the soul and hers are bound, gagged and begging with a seduction that is irresistible.

Eyes Wide. Passion and Submission Photo Courtesy of David Hilton Photography and Casey Calvert

Eyes Wide. Passion and Submission.
Photo Courtesy of David Hilton Photography and Casey Calvert

When I finally made contact with Casey Calvert, she turned out to be receptive (not all models are, trust me). Our views and opinions immediately meshed. Among our topics, she discussed the authenticity of her version of kinky sex, mentioning Bound Gang Bangs among her Kink shoots.

Here are some of her thoughts.


“It (the Bound Gang Bangs website) doesn’t actually exist anymore,” Casey began, because problems arose. “Finding girls willing to be bound and gangbanged” is difficult, she explained, putting to rest the theory that there are a slew of girls out there who can handle porn’s rougher edges. Also, there were some concerns “surrounding consent and the censors.” Ropes, perceived abuse, and explicit sex don’t always sit well with the entirety of the public mind, though the combination may be a blast for a performer like Casey Calvert who knows what she wants.

Incidentally, the site was renamed Hardcore Gangbangs, but a name change didn’t phase Casey. “I wanted to be bound with rope,” she said in a clearly disappointed tone, but that wasn’t possible for this revised version. So the Kink people, led by veteran director Princess Donna, decided on a different approach with Casey’s shoot.

The scene was set up to show me “fantasizing about being kidnapped and gangbanged,” Casey said. Undeterred by the theme change, she requested a cattle prod be used on her during the shoot. “I’m one of the few girls that really likes them,” she told me.

Casey is a pain lover who adores hard time punishment in a BDSM scene.

As the shoot progressed, the male co-stars got “a little reckless” with the instrument. Not really a problem, though, more like “boys being ignorant,” she commented. Nevertheless, Donna took a time out before the twenty-three year old had to use her safeword. Donna is a professional BDSM dominatrix who bottoms occasionally just to keep in touch with what her eager minions feel when she is in charge. Knowing what kinky sex entails, Donna never abandons the Kink ideal that the performer always comes first.

Casey praised Princess Donna, as have other performers I’ve interviewed. “Donna does an excellent job of understanding what a girl needs to feel safe in scene,” Casey said. Others “rave about how she (Donna) takes care of them like a mother would and I second that statement.”

Monitoring a Casey Calvert scene is a challenge for any director because sometimes Casey “wants to be pushed,” both “physically and mentally.” That’s a huge demand on a director, especially if Casey slips into subspace, a not always desirable outcome in a professional shoot. In listening to her, I got hints that Casey can top from the bottom if she sees the need to keep things from spiraling in the wrong direction.

Shamelessly Sexy

A Kink shoot emphasizes RACK: risk aware consensual kink. It’s Kink.com’s bread and butter and Casey looks for the thrills that emerge from it. Everything that happens to her is totally her call, but a bit of disappointment can creep in.

“At my gangbang, even though it was supposed to be a D/s (Dominance/submission) scenario, I never once felt out of control.”

But was that what she wanted, to have her consent tossed around like a rag doll? A follow up question clarified her meaning.

On the set, Casey doesn’t want her awareness to get completely away from her because the possibility of entering subspace can have dire consequences as mentioned above. Keeping things in perspective and being a professional is her mantra. At home, this is not always how the scene plays out, but that is a topic for another day.

I have a a lot more to learn about this girl, though one thing hit me the first time I saw Casey’s image on film. Her brown eyes, submissive, persuasive, and alluring, are her ticket to true porn stardom. I don’t just mean a “porn star.” Any girl who is hired by a cinematographer to screw on film can claim that title. Casey is sensuous and animated in ways that remind me of the great Hollywood icons of yesteryear.

This well-educated Florida girl has a special claim. She is a true sexual masochist cut in the mold of BDSM legend Madison Young. For those who are into the fetish and recognize their inner most feelings of dominance and sadism, gazing at a Casey Calvert performance redefines porn as art. She’s highly charged, energetic, prohibitively and shamelessly sexy, and loves to be restrained.

If her eyes are covered in the best of BDSM shooting, her submissiveness is heightened, not blinded. Though the doorway to her masochism is visually muted, Casey Calvert’s enticing vulnerability over whelms the screen.

A Blindfold on a Kink set. Photo Courtesy of Device Bondage.com and Casey Calvert

Eyes Muted.
Photo Courtesy of Device Bondage.com and Casey Calvert

Yet is this girl ever satisfied in her longings for the ultimate BDSM shoot?

Casey’s final assessment of her day in at the Castle was to the point. She enjoyed her experience, but in an imperfect world, nothing is ever exactly what it’s cut out to be.

“To be honest,” Casey said, “I was actually disappointed.” She never got to the tipping point of losing herself in the moment of the shoot, a delicate balance of reality and imagination. “I really wanted this to be a fantasy fulfillment, and it was just another day at work pretending.”

It was not the ultimate kinky shoot, spurring Casey’s never ending search for that Holy Grail.

We’ve all pretended a little at work, I’m sure, but how many of us can say that a workday has ever been a fantasy? Lucky girl.

*          *          *          *          *

Casey Calvert is in a business that touches her deepest sensuality and allows her to reach heights most of us can only imagine. By entertaining her fans, she finds a personal pleasure that makes work enjoyable. A consummate professional who demands perfection in herself, Casey travels her own path with the powerful compass of a thinking woman.

As long as her body holds out, Casey Calvert has the opportunity to test her limits and shape them for herself. She’s the very essence of the new breed my veteran acquaintance so aptly described at Kink.

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