Pretty Girl

by Rich Moreland, September, 2013

The Collar Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

The Collar on Pretty Girl
Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert’s The Training of O (TTOO) website is the purview of James Mogul, a kinky director whose personas are flexible and guaranteed to bring out the best in any girl who shoots for him.

In James’ mind, all new girls are to be treated with caution and care. His plan for a performer named Casey Calvert is no different. But in fact, James soon discovers that she is quite different. Casey’s sexual masochism becomes his welcome playground and a carnal delight for TTOO viewers.

In crafting a rewarding experience for her, James takes one of Casey’s self-confessed shortcomings and turns it into a project. Her four days at Kink’s castle in San Francisco will convince this seemingly shy young woman that she is indeed a “pretty girl.”

The first three days are an exploratory journey. On Day One, for example, Casey has clothespins attached over her body while she is bound by wrist and ankle. James rips them away one at a time while Casey’s grimaces accentuate her sensual gratification. The trials continue for two more days; arduous tasks intermittently complimented with penetrative sex.

By Day Four, many girls who shoot for TTOO are running on vapors, but not Casey.

Admitting that shooting for James is rigorous—“TTOO is physically very hard,” Casey tells me—she was still energized in Day Four and disappointed when she was finished. “I was really sad to have to go home,” she says.

James’s design for Casey is slave training while wearing a corset. From what I know of Casey, she is thrilled, but this is a walk in the park for her. He laces one snugly on her, attaches a leash around her neck and has her parade in circles while wearing heels. A few things are going on here. Casey’s heels are a bit of style and glamor and the corset keeps her upright. The scene is reminiscent of pony girl training in which posture is the centerpiece of a girl’s task. Casey is learning to straighten her back while being disciplined in the manner of a horse controlled with reins. She loves it.

The Corset on the First Day Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

The Corset on the First Day
Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

For TTOO shoots, James gets to know the model early on then configures the rest of the days to challenge what the girl wants to accomplish. In his mission to convince Casey she is “pretty,” James works on her command of her physical presence. It’s his teacher persona and it works.

Casey admits that calling herself a “pretty girl” is “starting to get in my head.” And the corset is doing its job. “My posture is better,” she comments proudly.

Watching Casey Calvert in this setting recalls Victorian erotica in which disciplined girls are outfitted in period clothing. A cane on her backside would complete the image of traditional British spanking; shortly, James will do just that.

All Collars Must Be Earned

As the days progress, Casey Calvert admits that she has a “hard time doing something that is so easy for me.” Pony girl training looks nice for the fans, but doesn’t challenge this gorgeous brunette. James takes note; a goal accomplished with little effort has no value placed upon it.

The Tank Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

The Tank
Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

On Day Three Casey orgasms while her face is submerged in a tank of water and she is penetrated from the rear. She later concedes it is difficult to climax in a scary situation. “Too much mental stimuli,” she says.

For James Mogul, this is progress.

Though the numbers may be hard to believe, Casey Calvert is an orgasm machine. During the debriefing at the end of Day Four, she and James estimate that over her week of discipline, she had seventy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that James is adept at finding her G-spot.

The self-proclaimed pain slut confesses that orgasms were lovingly forced out of her. Never fear, for Casey that’s a cracking good deal, part of her definition of what it means to be kinky. The combination of pain from the training and hard sexual penetration will “make me cum even if I don’t want to,” she says.

The Bench Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

The Bench
Photo Courtesy of and Casey Calvert

Tied over a spanking bench, Casey’s bottom is struck repeatedly by the strap James uses to generate the stinging sensations she relishes in a fetish booking. The Hitachi Magic Wand is laboring as her moans increase with the intensity of each succeeding blow. Ouches are now “ows”. Eventually, painful murmurs morph into screams. James keeps up his interrogation, demanding answers about wearing a collar and the feel of vibrators.

The conflation of pain, the vibrator and the mental exercises defines being trained by James Mogul.

Casey’s mantra on this final day is “All collars must be earned.” She repeats it after each application of the leather. The speed increases.

Casey wails, then partial silence, before a constant low level of guttural sound returns. Her face is focused on some faraway place; her eyes begin to dim, hanging straight forward. The whole body shudders, she whimpers limply, another long and laborious moment of glee only a highly sexualized woman can appreciate.

James takes the collar from her hands, where it has been since the beginning of the scene, and places it around her neck.

“Thank you, Sir,” she mutters almost incoherently.

“Pretty” Stuff

After a break, the camera rolls again. Casey is standing before James, her image complete in corset, heels, and now the collar. The director assumes his drill sergeant persona, taking his slave through boot camp instructions. She is exercised to improve her stamina.

No problem for Casey because she’s an athlete having been a gymnast as a kid and later a rock climber in college. The drill instructor demands push-ups, running in place and jumping jacks. Later, Casey kneels on a platform while James’ riding crop reddens her bottom.

Casey’s amused expression is that of a little girl secretly watching her bossy older sister do the dirty deed with her punkish boyfriend. Wait until Mom finds out about this! James orders Casey to “wipe that smirk” off her face.

As Casey places her head on the floor, James presses a boot on her cheek, a not unusual maneuver for him in these kinds of shoots. Spanking has led her to this moment and shortly she licks his boots in total submission. The kinky Floridian has another orgasm. Surprised? Don’t be, this is Casey Calvert at her best.

The shoot continues with oral, vaginal, and anal sex supplied by her co-star, Owen Gray. Everything is complimented with the cane or the riding crop. Casey is tired, but bright-eyed, when all is finished.

James wants her overall impression of the shoot when the debriefing begins. always concludes its shoots with a conversation between the performer and the director.

“I had a great time,” she says, “It was fun.” She is momentarily spent, however, mentioning that her legs, arms and shoulders are sore.

“How do you feel mentally,” James wants to know.

“Great! Happy!” She is beaming.

Casey admits she orgasms repeatedly when she can’t breathe and can’t think. She relates some scary moments: all part of her personal kink. Best of all, Casey athleticism is tested in the shoot. She compliments James on the work he made her do. “Endurance challenges,” she calls them.

Asked if there was anything she didn’t like, Casey says no. “I’m happy with everything we did,” she says.

“What did you learn,” the professor/drill instructor asks.

“We got some of the ‘pretty’ stuff in my head.” With a broad smile, she adds, “which is good.” Absolutely. Casey Calvert herself is very, very, pretty stuff. A BDSM dream girl.

Pretty Girl in a Favorite Pose Photo Courtesy of SouthBound

Pretty Girl in a Favorite Position with Slave Collar Dangling
Photo Courtesy of SouthBound

*        *        *        *        *

Knowing’s preferences in scripting its shoots, I ask Casey to reflect on her first TTOO experience.

James started her off slowly, she says, because the veteran director did not have a true indication of her level of kinkiness.

“He knew I had experience, but he didn’t know how much,” she tells me. As is his custom, James was willing to press a bit harder as each day led to the next, so the week was fun for her. Once James perceived her love of masochistic sex, “he started pushing all the right buttons,” Casey explains.

Both dom and sub learned from each other . . . and a bond emerged between Casey Calvert and James Mogul.

He is a true professional and “extraordinarily respectful,” Casey says of the TTOO director. She praises his caution when approaching newbies and his thorough understanding of the BDSM scene. BDSM play, especially for the bottom, must have clear limits and be closely guided because giving up all control (at least in theory) is the liberating experience of a bondage scene.

“James has earned my trust,” Casey remarks, and “trust is the difference” when BDSM is your fetish.


In discussing this shoot with Casey, she assured me that at no time did she ever feel out of control or lack complete awareness of what was happening. She is a professional model who takes pride in the scenes she does for the studios that hire her. Though mystifying for many, it is her art.

The same can be said of James Mogul. The models who have worked with James tell me he is authentic and guides a performer with professionalism and care. He provides the palette of colors a girl chooses to reach her bliss.


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2 responses to “Pretty Girl

  1. James Boatwright

    Are any girls aexually injured by any of this training? Can a girl yell “RED!” at any time to stop a shoot? Do many? Are there videos of these? How/Where may these training and RED shoots be purchased?
    Jim Wright


    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your question.

      From all the discussions I’ve had with BDSM performers and directors, I’ve never been told of any real injuries. This does not mean some performers aren’t physically stressed with some bondage positions, but using red as a safeword (an option for all performers) does not occur as often as you may think. BDSM porn companies are very aware of safety protocols and make certain that directors and crew carefully monitor their models during a shoot. Veteran crews can spot trouble before it becomes an issue and will stop filming even though the performer has not called a timeout. Most of these kinds of occurrences are not kept as film, so I don’t know where you might purchase them.

      Working a BDSM shoot is a performer skill that is learned (don’t forget some of them are lifestylers who were once doing this for free) and performers love what they do. The exception occurs when a vanilla girl is booked for a shoot she really would rather not do (it’s all about her agent and how much she needs the money). In those cases, partial fees are paid and the girl is sent home.

      For a take on this scene, check out my most recent posts on Holly Heart, Ela Darling (soon to come), and Rain DeGrey (to be up this weekend) and some of the past ones on Casey Calvert. Also, if you take a look at my book, you’ll find these issues are also discussed there.

      Thanks again for reading my blog,


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