The Meaning of Consent: Samantha Hayes

by Rich Moreland, April 2016

Among the performers who make The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed a powerhouse film is Samantha Hayes who plays Rebecca. Recently, I had the good fortune to interview her.

One of the topics we discussed was consent. Here are her views.

Photos are courtesy of Samantha Hayes. Credits are watermarked.

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“Stop filming right now! This is rape! This is against my limits. If you continue to film you are contributing to rape! Stop!”

Harsh cries from a TV crime drama? No. Actually it’s sound advice from an adult film star who expressed her feelings to me in just those words.

I asked Samantha Hayes to contribute to my series on consent in adult film. The result is worth everyone’s attention because this sweetie has butt-kicking advice.

Ruin the Footage

From the start, the native Midwesterner knows the female performer is the bread and butter of porn, by far the most important person on the set. “Forget the guy, forget the crew,” she declares, “if the woman is not there, there’s no point [in shooting] unless you’re shooting guy-on-guy content.”

Knowing that, every girl has the responsibility to establish her boundaries because her comfort level is integral to a successful day on set for everybody involved.

samantha 1Samantha emphasizes that usually talent will discuss individual likes, dislikes, and limits among themselves and the director before filming gets underway. This is especially important if edgier scenes of rough sex or BDSM are on the schedule.

In her case at least, the twenty-year-old involves her agent in the discussion.

“I am fortunate that I have an incredible agent who only works with big name companies and I have never once been on a set where my comfort was not put at the highest priority.”

But she knows what to do should her boundaries be crossed and offers the following.

“If something is not going well on a set, you say ‘cut’ or if it’s BDSM, use your safe word.”

If results are not forthcoming, Samantha is blunt. Just yell with the intention to “completely ruin the footage.” (The opening statement above is her example of how to clear the deck.)

It’s sound advice and here’s why.

“You can’t say you’re being raped on film [in porn] so they will have no choice but to stop,” Samantha says. Smart girl.

Photo courtesy of Eddie Powell and New Sensations

Photo courtesy of Eddie Powell and New Sensations

Freak Out on Them

There’s another step Samantha, and all performers actually, recommend.

“From there you call your agent and freak out on them for putting you in a position where your safety and comfort was compromised.” Agents work for their girls; taking care of them is what their job is all about.

To be honest, I’ve talked with agents and getting that dreaded phone call from a disgruntled client can easily ruin their day.

Samantha Hayes is wise beyond years and we will find out a little more about her in a future post. Suffice it to say that she is one of those outspoken and strong women who survive with flying colors in an industry that can grind away the weaker sort.

Scars Last Longer than Money

Giving me her final thoughts on consent, the statuesque beauty gets philosophical.

“Rape and assault are incredibly serious violations that can impact a person’s ability to vocalize that what is happening to her was not consented to beforehand. Being in the sex industry requires a very strong sense of self and comfort with your sexuality. That includes not only what you like, but what you don’t like.”

Obvious, right? Not exactly. There are girls who will go along to get along. That’s why Samantha’s insights are so important.

samantha 2

To reinforce her point, she references the director and crew.

“There are typically at least five people on set—make up, director, PA, sound guy, photographer.” But numbers don’t translate into awareness.

“A director may not be able to tell if you are in pain or need a break, so it’s your job to advocate for yourself.” Samantha insists. “It is your job to vocalize and draw a clear line in what your boundaries are before the scene and to speak up if something is not working for you.”

What Samantha Hayes says next is impressive and courageous because a porn performer can be yesterday’s news in an instant.

“Going through with something that makes you uncomfortable because you need the paycheck or don’t want to ruin your networking opportunities is not a valid excuse, in my opinion, because the scars of a sexual assault will last longer than money and your career and can lead to a vicious downward spiral.”

We get it, Babe, and hope others are listening.

samantha 8


*          *          *

Want to contact Samantha Hayes? She’s available @SamanthaHayesxo

Short scenes of Samantha are online at

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