Allie Haze: Beautifully Draining

by Rich Moreland, April 2016

Our talk with Allie Haze continues. Here she elaborates on her sexuality and getting into porn.

As in the previous installment of Allie’s interview, photos are courtesy of @teamalliehaze. Credits are watermarked.

*          *          *


Working as a bartender at the time of the auto accident, Allie Haze recalls those days as “a rough time.”

“I ended up in the hospital for a week. I couldn’t feel my legs.” Not good.

Top off a failed marriage with a serious mishap that bordered on the catastrophic and the wheels of self-analysis start to turn.

Allie remembers thinking, “I’m really upset about what’s happening in my life. I got some crazy stuff going on! Me, getting a DUI? Oh my goodness, this is not who I am!”

It was an epiphany that led to a new, unexpected direction for her future.

“It’s funny, it [was] my wake-up call [because] I ended up here [in the porn business], which is great. It was the ‘Aha’ moment to myself.”

ByapItKCcAAtR7YHow did that happen?

“I had a weird conversation with a friend of mine who said, ‘Well, you’re super into chicks. Have you ever thought about porn?’” Allie recalls.

Though the suggestion seemed incredulous, the tall brunette did know something about sex films but had never seen any, much less think about performing in one.

The male friend mentioned she’d get paid for putting herself out there on film and that sounded appealing. Allie shrugged and said, “I guess” which turned into the equivalent of “why not?”

“At that point I was thinking it was a job and I can still go to school. I can make my own schedule, so ‘Ok!’ It was making sense.”


From there Allie did a girl/girl shoot for Homegrown Video. The director complimented her performance with “‘You know, you’re really good at this.’”

“‘Good at this?’ I don’t understand. I’m having sex. I’m confused. I didn’t know there was a ‘good at this,’” Allie amusingly remembers.

The director offered that she might consider turning sex on film into a full-time job and asked, “‘Do you know anything about the porn business?’”

Surprised, Allie replied, “‘Wait, you can make a career out this?’ I was so intrigued.”

She inquired about agents then did her online research. “I found all the best agents and interviewed with each of them.”


The seductive lass ended up with OC Modeling but has since become a free agent which means she books her own gigs.

At this point in our interview, Allie pauses to relate a story that summarizes what new girls always ask about the business.

“On the way to interview with these agents, I stopped at a plastic surgeon’s office to get an estimate for boobs,” she begins. A smart move, Allie surmised, because she could tell the agents that she had “an appointment to get my boobs done.”

The response amazed her. Aware that the business was touting the “natural” girl, “They were like, ‘No! Don’t do it!” Allie remembers.

It turned out to be sage advice because like any newbie Allie figured that augmentation was one of the keys to success. She readily admits her “perception of porn” was “something completely different” from its reality.

She’s glad things ended up the way they did. “I thank my lucky stars they told me not to.”

Hook up with Girls

At age twenty-two Allie Haze began her adult career. Her reason for entering porn other than money . . . it was a way to meet girls.

B3H6YijCIAEsa6QThis is where the bartending gig factors into the Allie Haze story. It was a convenient way to scope out other women, but that had its drawbacks. Girls make out with other girls in bars to impress the guys, Allie mentions, not because they actually want to land a chick. Unfortunately, she sometimes misread the situation. In her mind, girls were hitting on her and Allie’s inclination was to invite them to her house.

“They’d come on over,” she says, “then I’d try to have sex with them and scare them away.”

Frustrated, Allie realized the adult film world offered her the perfect solution: the girl/girl shoot. In fact, she looked at porn as “a fun way to hook up with girls,” then clarifies, “I was a lesbian before I became bisexual.”

In June of 2009, the year she entered the business, Allie spread her porn wings and did her first boy/girl. A good move, she declares, that “put me on the map a little more.” A star was born who is today a widely respected veteran.

Candy and Hugs

“All the young girls ask me, ‘How have you been in for so long? How do you do it?’” Allie says.

“I don’t know how to explain it to them. It just happened naturally.”

But it is more than that, really. Allie occupies emotional solid ground as a result of her experiences with the church and its community. She was schooled in responsibility and commitment that benefits a person independently of any moral judgment that might come from a religious upbringing.

Allie reflects her roots when she says, “I always stick with my choices. That’s why I say that my background is a big piece of who I am.”

Allie taking time out of her busy day to chat with me.

Allie taking time out of her busy day to chat with me.

As she always does, the future AVN Hall of Famer smiles broadly.

“I always stand strong. If I wasn’t ready to do something or if I didn’t find it appealing at that point in my life, no career move was worth that.”

By the way, Allie is moving her dancing career forward with the same determination characteristic of her porn shoots. Girls in the biz know that dancing complements a resume built in front of the camera and expands a fan base. It’s all about personality and effort.

“I understand that this job [adult entertainment] is more than just a job because what I’m selling is myself.” That’s hard work, “exhausting” is how she puts it and compares herself with a mainstream actress when it comes to the demands of the business.

“What you’re putting out there is you, your heart, your soul. Even at these conventions I’m happy to get all the hugs, all the candy, all the fun stuff all day. I love it.”

“By the time I get home at the end of the day,” Allie declares, “it is exhausting, but totally worth it!”

Pausing for a moment, she concludes, “It’s beautifully draining.”


Now you know how a religious upbringing helps an adult film star maintain her performances, her image, and her fan base.

Allie Haze is the consummate example of what writing in this business has revealed to me. The courage to put one’s sexuality out there for all to see is a rare trait that separates the few from the many. Too often we let our culturally dictated moral views divert us from accepting a fundamental part of our humanity.

*          *          *

At the Adult Entertainment Expo, everyone, be they performer, studio, or press is harried and hurried. As I mentioned earlier, etiquette, defined as respecting everyone’s personal space and time, allows fifteen minutes for an interview and I always let the performer determine the time he or she gives me.

Allie granted me over a half hour. Moreover, she even helped us find a quiet spot to talk, something she did not have to do. Allie Haze is a special person with a work ethic that is a credit to the adult film industry. But then her fans know that already.






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  1. Allie Haze and Tori Black were like watching mainstream models have hardcore sex.


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