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Sofie Marie, Part Two: YummySofie

by Rich Moreland, April 2018

Before getting into more about Sofie Marie on-screen, we first need to learn a little about her business model.

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The New Porn Girl

This California babe understands how important it is to own your content and market it so that the benefits come (pun intended!) your way.

I’m interested in how Sofie gets her product out there.

Yummysofie.com is my personal website and it is part of the Yummygirl.xxx network that my company owns,” she proclaims.

Ah, I love those magic words “that my company owns” because they summarize the lesson every porn girl needs to know. Be your own boss. Clearly Sofie’s brand is on the right path and that is directly connected to her number one advantage in the business other than her killer body: her age.

To put it another way, Sofie Marie no eighteen-year-old gonzo girl who chokes on ten inches to sell a video for someone else’s studio or online site. Sofie’s maturity and determination call her on-screen shots. She knows where she is going from a business standpoint and that path includes promoting others who depend on adult work.

Yummygirl manages “pay sites for photographers and models,” Sofie explains, before personalizing her role. “I want to help other performers with their pay sites and content creation,” she adds.

Laudable and we understand what it means to reach out. But there’s a trade-off here, Sofie’s building her own fan base in the process and a solid industry reputation as well.

Possibly this very smart girl is inclined to expand her industry horizons. There are many pieces to the porn pyramid and resume building insures success in adult as it does in any enterprise. Appearing on-camera is only one avenue open to a performer. Behind the camera offers other opportunities.

Possibly agent, promoter, and director (to go along with producer) are in the making for Sofie’s future.

Sharks in the Water

First and foremost for Sofie, of course, are her own branded performances. “We strive to own as much of my content as possible,” she states. Totally understand, that’s where the money is.

It’s worth a mention that owning content not only directly benefits the performer, but also combats piracy, at least to a degree.

A quick online excursion reveals a minimum of free Sofie stuff in cyberspace to whet the appetite . . . and what is out there she controls. Yes, just enough to create interest, but not enough to lose hours of work to thievery.

None of this comes easy, however. The heartbeat of Sofie’s brand relies on networking, organization and a carefully drawn plan. And that, more than anything, lays the foundation for a lengthy, productive career.

For her paying customers, Sofie says, “I primarily cam on YummyGirlCams.com which is part of Streamate.com.”

In turn, Streamate is part of the growing industry of webcam models. It emphasizes being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working from home, the mantra of modern camming and the real reason why the cam girl is emerging as the new porn girl.

But there is a downside. To be unique is not easy when there are sharks in water, as economists say, to dilute any girl’s image in an online world populated by thousands of cam girls.

Two Men in Her Life

No adult business is a go-it-alone enterprise. In her case, Sofie works closely with her director, Spike Irons. A visit to his twitter account @SpikeIronsxxx lists him as co-owner of yummygirlstudio and webmaster for Yummysofie.com.

By the way, Sofie is married and doesn’t remove her rings when she shoots. The message is direct: “I have a real life at home, but I’m also a Hotwife on film who has a rollicking good time and wants to share it with you.”

That is a marketing coup rarely accomplished in this business.

So, what about hubby?

First, to dispel any misconceptions, Sofie points out that Spike is not her husband. He’s her director and producer for her website, she states. “We work together on the content for each shoot.”

Does she step in front of the camera with her husband’s blessings? Absolutely.

“My husband travels a lot and likes to hear about my shoots,” Sofie says with that endearing smile that captures her natural manner and sultriness.

He’s on board with what she does. What more can a girl ask?

Quality and Consistency

As we close out this part of our look at Sofie Marie, our lovely lass summarizes her business model one more time.

“My Yummygirl brand is about quality and consistency and presenting a more unique nude, sexy erotic experience.”

If you check her out online, I think you’ll agree.

There is one more aside that is worth a mention. Sofie has a business associate who helps her enjoy her work.

“I am a toy tester of Sextoyinventor.com and that is a fun project,” she says.

If vibrating is your thing, you can see Sofie Marie with a little help from her mechanical friends in brief outtakes from her website.

Overall, her porn life has gone well and Sofie looks to the future.

“I’m on year three of my business and its been full-time for me for a year and I hope to keep it growing! I would love to keep producing and creating content as long as the fans continue to support me.”

I’m sure they will, and why not? A hard-bodied woman is a feast for the eyes.

*           *          *

These are not the best of times in the adult industry with piracy literally stealing from companies and performers who work hard for their dollars.

Throw in the tumult of  the too-long-in-coming #MeToo movement, which is as prevalent in porn as it is in mainstream Hollywood, and the result is stressful for every model. 

Nevertheless, Sofie Marie remains upbeat, pleasure-seeking, and comfortable in her own skin (and what a beautiful covering it is). That’s no mean feat in today’s environment!


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