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Prop 60, Part One: No More Debate

by Rich Moreland, February 2017

*          *          *

Everyone knows by now that California voters rejected Proposition 60 last November. So, no condoms in adult film going forward!

But questions linger. How important was Prop 60’s defeat and what does it say about political activism in porn?

At the AVN trade show I decided to ask around.

Answers varied, as did opinions, and a sampling appears here.

First, however, performer Casey Calvert provides some background on the issue that has roiled the adult industry.

Measure B to Prop 60

The ruckus over Prop 60 began a few years ago in 2012 just when she entered the business, Casey remembers. The political dustup then was Measure B that required condoms for filmed sex in LA County.

img_0515-2“My first porn shoot was in November 5, 2012. Measure B passed in LA County on Nov 6, 2012, and I watched it on TV and thought, ‘What the fuck did I just get myself into?'”

Little changed, actually. The law was never really enforced, Casey points out.

“They don’t have the money to make sure porn stars are wearing condoms. LA as a political entity and a public service entity is stretched so thin,” the native Floridian explains and adds that the law is still around but is “unenforceable as written.”

Undeterred, the Aids Health Foundation’s  Michael Weinstein, who was behind the initiative, turned his attention statewide. Next came AB 1576 that did what Measure B advocated, Casey continues, and it, too, failed in the state legislature mainly because of cost.

Finally, Weinstein went the ballot route in the election and collected enough signatures to bring his proposal before the voters.

However, it expired at the ballot box because it was flawed.

“The issue with Prop 60 was less about condoms and more about enforcement and how every private citizen in California could sue a porn production company if they watched a movie shot in the state without a condom,” Casey says.

2017-01-18-07-18-13-3Evil Angel owner John Stagliano agrees.

“Prop 60 was a horribly written law,” he says, pointing out that it established Michael Weinstein as “the porn czar” with the power to “prosecute cases and collect his expenses from the state.”

Despite the proposition’s shortcomings, effort and planning was required to ensure its demise.

Political Unity

Unwilling to take chances, the industry fought the initiative. Ela Darling, the current President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) comments, “APAC and the FSC (Free Speech Coalition) and a large number of performers did everything they could to defeat Prop 60 and we won, we got it!”

Casey Calvert reminds us that this was “the first time that porn stars actually rallied for a cause and we owe a lot of that to the Free Speech Coalition.” She talks about industry people using twitter and doing interviews to get the story out.

“I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post which I heard was very impactful . . . I also spoke on the radio,” Casey adds.

Ela and Casey give performers Julia Ann and SiouxsieQ and Free Speech Coalition’s Eric Leue much credit for organizing and leading the charge.

John Stagliano steps up to put Chanel Preston on the worthy list. “Chanel did some great interviews . . . She was very effective and active [in defeating Prop 60].”

And, everyone thanks California’s Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties and the LGBT organizations for speaking out against Prop 60, a rare instance of political unity.


Ela talks about the lobbying in Sacramento.

2017-01-18-09-23-25-2“We spoke to legislators, we spoke to Senators . . . anybody who would give us time. Quite a few did. I got to be the voice of the industry to speak to the caucuses and the Democratic convention in Long Beach. It’s been a really big grassroots effort,” she says. Porn people even “led a protest through Hollywood.”

“I’ve never seen the industry aligned so strongly on anything like they did on Prop 60. It was refreshing, it was empowering, and amazing.”

Performer Derrick Pierce presents an unvarnished view of the campaign.

The FSC built a winning coalition of ” both talent and producers and production teams.” People “who are typically fragmented in nature” were on the same political page, Derrick remarks, because “even though we are socially amongst each other we don’t really function in that capacity.”

He characterizes the industry’s victory as a “David versus Goliath” fight.

In doing his part, Derrick went on Facebook to check postings from major media outlets where he found lots of comments.

“I literally went through every negative or misinformed comment and rebutted it. And who knows, maybe it reached five people, but that’s what was needed from every person who had a vested interest in this.”

But he had his doubts. “I’m glad that it was defeated though I was thinking that we were going to get screwed.”

Derrick interprets the victory as more than just a defeat for  poorly written law and its sponsor AHF.

“It wasn’t so much that prop 60 and us moving to Vegas or another place was necessarily the problem, it’s that it set precedent. That’s huge because, there’s no more debate.”

In other words, should similar issues arise with CAL/OSHA and safety regulations,”Now you just have to implement what’s already been said.”

Know the Process

Next Derrick sticks a dagger in the heart of deceit.


“I would love to see what Weinstein’s real issue is. I know what he’s written and some of the things he’s said and I know who his donors and backers are.”

Moreover, the top male performer understands what spurs politicians and reformers.

“Anything to do with the adult business is a wonderful soapbox. You stand on it and preach to the people this is immoral, we have to protect these people [porn performers] that don’t know any better.”

He also calls out talent to educate themselves.

“Half the people don’t know what our testing process is. You should know because if you’re going to argue the point then you should know what the hell it is we’re doing. [Most performers] don’t know how many tests are done on us every two weeks . . .and they should.

“Know the process and how it works so  you don’t sound like a bumbling idiot when you talk about it.”

Derrick asserts that just screaming performer rights  “doesn’t mean anything” when it comes to debating health issues.

A Reminder of Reality

Finally, Briana Banks brings up a point that may have swayed some voters. She’s happy, of course, with the outcome but there is bit of reality that may have been missed when assessing the defeat of condoms.

Briana shot for the condom-only Vivid for eight years and her movies sold well, she says. But when she put up a recent condom clip she did for her website, her fans panned the scene.

2017-01-19-04-27-29-2“My fans were disgusted. They really were. We’ve put it out there so much of not using condoms that now if you use a condom, people watching porn can’t get past it.”

But there is something else at work here, Briana thinks.

The condom is a shock because of the reality it represents.

“Seeing a condom makes them think of STDs and HIV that they don’t think of when watching a porn movie.”

Condoms remind fans of the risks they take in their own lives, Briana believes. “To watch a porn star use a condom makes them think about the reality of life in general.”

Interesting. Maybe it’s something everybody missed in this battle. Porn is just fantasy and Prop 60 was about to take that away.

For the industry, however, there could be a darker underlying message hidden within this victory. Does it suggest that some fans may unconsciously regard porn performers as expendable?

*          *          *

Next we’ll look at how the defeat of Prop 60 is seen as a game changer for the industry, if indeed it is.

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New Wave Porn: A Review of BrightDesire.com Part Two

by Rich Moreland, December 2015

This is Part Two of my review of MsNaughty’s BrightDesire.com. With the exception of those used in the final segment “Ending with Some Humor,” all photos are courtesy of the website.

*          *          *

A Sample of the Movies

Today’s feminist porn is rooted in the pioneering work of the late Candida Royalle and her FEMME Productions. In this new century, feminist porn is so fluid that in the eyes of some it’s losing its original intention. Candida herself got caught up in the discussion on more than one occasion. As she once said to me, just because a woman makes the film does not mean it’s feminist.

Were she here to check out MsNaughty, Candida would be pleased. The Australian’s work is solid feminist stuff. She allows her performers to express themselves as they wish in scenes that are mildly scripted at best. Condoms and pop shots are choices they make and if the penetration is in the shadows, so be it. What is refreshingly absent is the repetitive acrobatic sex found in Porn Valley.

So here’s my take on some of her work. These films are the merest of possibilities available on a site that is a bonanza of good movie making.

Three’s Not a Crowd



“The Birthday Wish” is a delightful film issued in three parts. MsNaughty limits the length of her films to fifteen minutes, more or less. So if things run longer, there’s a part two and sometimes a part three. In the Director’s comments, the viewer learns that the movie was shot in Berlin and the two women, Livia and Nicole, are in their own fluid-bonded relationship so a respectful Mickey Mod uses a condom.

Lots of Affection

Lots of Affection

“Birthday Wish” is a vignette centering on Livia’s celebratory day; Mickey sings, clothes come off, and the trio begins kissing and caressing. Sexuality’s fun and natural flow steps forward as an expression of three intertwined people rather than three sets of mouths and genitalia. In Director’s Comments, MsNaughty mentions some cinematographic concerns in the shoot, specifically capturing bodies in motion. Genital close-ups are limited so don’t expect gonzo shots here.



If your take on porn is Evil Angel, Hustler, and Realty Kings, this film won’t do much for you.

Parts Two and Three carry on the playful tone of Part One and offer the penetration shots. There’s lots of oral with everyone involved and facial close-ups that tell the story of the sex. A careful analysis reveals slight gestures among the performers to ensure everyone is okay with the action. The chemistry is supercharged and real orgasms happen.

A Collared Lover

I decided to take a look at the consensual BDSM presented in “Kim and Jay: 24/7.” They are a real-life couple (she’s collared) and in the scene Kim is the aggressor despite her submissive status in their relationship. Jay’s role is to pleasure her with impact play before we get to Part Two where the sex occurs. Incidentally, Kim does shoot porn professionally, though that is not evident here.

Finding the Mood.

Finding the Mood.

They have a Daddy relationship, not uncommon in BDSM circles, as Jay appears somewhat older than Kim. As mentioned in Part One of this review, their post-shoot discussion found in the website’s interview section reveals they met online. They talk about the importance of pleasing each other to maintain equality in a relationship that challenges power imbalances.

Impact Play

Impact Play

MsNaughty’s cinematography is impressive and Kim is strikingly beautiful. The room is bright white with the bed covering a contrasting black. Several instruments from paddles to floggers are hanging the wall. There is a standing full-length mirror in a far corner that reflects the action on the bed. MsNaughty, who comments on the difficulty of maintaining consistent lighting in a small space, manages to catch some of the mirror, presenting the sex from two angles.

Kim is Ready

Kim is Ready

Kim is handcuffed to the bed until the sex begins. It’s mainly misch with a limit on Kim orally satisfying Jay. Her orgasm is real and there is no external pop.

This is how an actual BDSM couple looks, feels, and expresses mutual affection.

Playing in the Dungeon

My second choice among the BDSM films was shot in a sex club dungeon in Toronto. The performers are San Francisco’s Siouxsie Q and Mickey Mod, who has made a name for himself at Kink.com. “Yes, Sir” is divided into two parts with the second containing the penetrations, as is MsNaughty’s preference. There’s a St. Andrews cross to which Siouxsie is attached and some spanking and kissing.

Mickey Intices

Mickey Entices

A comment about Mickey Mod. Any man who wants to become a true lover by orally satisfying his lady ought to pay close attention to Mickey. His chemistry percolates with his co-stars to build the sexual heat with care.

The scene is dominated by heavy shadowing, perfect for creating a dungeon feel. The shoot is a decided contrast to the airiness of Kim and Jay. Also, for fans of more commercialized porn, the performers are veterans of adult film and they come across accordingly. The shoot ends with cuddling, typical of MsNaughty’s sex-positive philosophy.

The Cross

The Cross

In the Director’s Comments, MsNaughty evaluates making “Yes, Sir” and remarks that the episode’s flavor is a Fifty Shades of Grey spin-off. Though Siouxsie Q is portraying a newbie, she comes across as what she is, a professional sex worker. Interestingly, a bit of post-shoot drama challenges the definition of authentic sex in feminist porn.

The Sex

The Sex

Sex is Hotter than Tea?

“Sex or Tea?” is a seduction scene in which Rebecca gives her lover a choice of her or a beverage. He smartly takes her and a modified strip tease precedes the sex. The photography is sharp with a vibrancy that illuminates the bodies. It’s worth noting that Rebecca is a perfect example of the once standard porn girl: thin, cute, and fully shaved with perky boobs that complement her flawless body.

Stripping Down

Stripping Down

“Tea or Sex?” has an obvious commercialized feel with certain conventionalities emphasized. For example, there is an over-the-shoulder POV shot of Rebecca performing oral and she tends to verbalize her pleasures with incessant moaning. A handful of penetration close-ups distinguish this film from the other offerings on the site. By the way, Rebecca is careful to point her toes in fine porn fashion at all the right moments.

Stepping Up

Stepping Up

Throw in position changes–there’s cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (very uncomfortable for many performers) and standing doggie–with an external pop, and the picture is complete. If you want some standard porn with the natural flow characteristic of the other shoots, this is for you. It is particularly feminist in one important point, Rebecca seeks out the sex for her pleasure.

The Note

The Note.

The Note.

The winner of the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards for Best BDSM scene, “Instructed” also received recognition at the 2014 Berlin Porn Festival and Cinekink in NYC in 2015. Shot in Toronto in April 2014 during the Feminist Porn Week, it’s a solo scene that features Pandora Blake, a well-known erotic performer from the UK who also appears in other works by MsNaughty.

Getting Ready to Follow Instructions

Getting Ready to Follow Instructions

The premise is simple. Pandora’s real-life lover leaves her a note with instructions to ready herself for his visit. This was actually arranged beforehand to guarantee authenticity. When she arrives for the filming, Pandora has no idea what she is to do.

Following his instructions that include a butt plug and self-spanking with a hairbrush, she first strips down and self-caresses in front of a mirror.

The Mirror

The Mirror

Pandora playfully follows every detail to the fullest. The viewer joins with her as each step builds to her eventual self-induced orgasm.

Applying the Hairbrush

Applying the Hairbrush

MsNaughty notes that the scene is “one of the sexiest films” she’s ever made. I agree. Of all the movies I watched, this one is the most erotic. It’s arousal level for viewers of both sexes is sky-high.

Assignment Completed. Waiting.

Assignment Completed. Waiting.

Ending with Some Humor

Among the “Extras” offered on the website is a short film called “Perversion for (Feminist Fun And) Profit.” It is a spoof on the 1965 pseudo documentary by the same name. MsNaughty’s satirical approach caught my attention because I reference the original film in my book on feminist pornography. Today, the half-hour movie is in the public domain if you want a good chuckle.

Here's George!

Here’s George!

The narrator is George Putman, an LA-based TV news reporter and radio talk show host. His conservative credentials made him the perfect hire for the Citizens of Decent Literature, a group founded in Cincinnati by anti-porn zealot and Catholic, Charles Keating. Because previous organizations like the religiously driven Legion of Decency were saddled with a book burning reputation, the CDL changed tactics, preferring the obscenity shtick to censorship in their excoriation of porn. “Perversion for Profit” was shown to community groups nationwide and warns parents about the pitfalls of sex that will quickly turn their children into homosexuals, sadists, and general perverts.

For the anti-porn feminists whose heyday was to come in the 1970s and 80s, the film became grist for their anti-smut campaign about porn’s violence against women and children. MsNaughty intersperses snippets from her shoots into Putnam’s speech. The result is satire at its most hilarious.

The Message 1965 Style

The Message 1965 Style

*          *          *

BrightDesire.com contains many more films that focus sex at its best: solo (male and female), toys, fetish, gay and genderqueer. When I began my review, it was quickly apparent that the website is the porn candy shop of good film making. I encourage you to take a look.

By the way, MsNaughty has a full-length feature out called The Fantasy Project. I haven’t seen it, but if I do, I’ll post a review here.


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