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AEE 2017: Briana Banks

by Rich Moreland, February 2017

This the second post in a series of interviews with Star Factory clients recorded during the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.


*          *          *

An unexpected delight at this year’s AEE was Briana Banks. Her forthright perspective on the industry highlighted one of the most informative interviews I have done lately.

Before we get into her thoughts, an observation about this year’s show is helpful.

Photo courtesy of AVN

Photo courtesy of AVN

Cam girls are the new porn babes and they are meeting their fans on a personal level right out of their apartments or homes through member-driven online relationships.

What does this mean?

Today’s trade show is changing the way porn does business. Cam fans are physically meeting girls they chat with online rather than seeking out their favorite stars for the first time as often happens when a traditional porn girl shoots for established companies and maintains a website that encourages fan contact via social media.

Of course, there is a shortcoming for the cam girl. Whatever creativity she has is her own adventure, director and crew backed by studio money is nowhere to be found.

Caught in this transition, Briana is working hard to adjust to a new reality while maintaining her traditional porn image.

The first issue we discussed centered on technology.

A More Personal Level

Briana took a five-year hiatus and returning to porn has become a confrontation with change, especially with new delivery platforms continually being developed.

“Technology-wise I feel like I’m starting at the bottom again.” She mentions having to learn about twitter, for example.

2017-01-19-04-27-42-2But things are looking good.

“I’m learning the ropes again,” she says with a smile.

The focal point of Briana’s comeback is her website, brianabanks.xxx (for link, see below). She’s posted a host of recently shot scenes and all new content she knows her fans will appreciate.

Next on her agenda is the webcam. Briana’s already done some camming for other companies, but now she’s on her own and she’s a bit nervous about it.

“I’ve been scared to death because this is new to me. On my site I will be promoting [the times] when I will be doing live webcam so for everyone who’s been asking me, it’s happening.”

“Doing it out of my own house myself is really going to be entertaining for everyone except me.” She laughs.

But like every Chaturbate or myfreecams girl, Briana recognizes the value of the new platform.

“That’s how my fans are going to get on a more personal level [with me],” this curvaceous beauty says.


Another change Briana has to accommodate is how she is marketed. She laments the loss of “glam porn” that features “pretty girls having sex with attractive men.”

Heavily driven by the internet, the industry is in flux, however, and today everything is in subgenres. The “glam” element has receded.

A few years ago, categories were minimal and MILF was sparingly used. But no more and by virtue of her age, MILF is Briana’s subgenre now, though she is not overly thrilled with it.

“I feel as though once you hit twenty-five, it’s MILF. I want to do scenes where there is just sex, I don’t want to be someone’s mom all the time, or doing my husband’s nephew and so on.”

Of course, MILF is part of a totality of subgenres like fetish, IR, girl/girl, gangbangs, blowbangs, bondage, and the like.

To win an award, girls are cast into categories.

Does Briana feel that porn has too many subgenres?

“I do. I think it’s ridiculous that I can’t ever win Performer of the Year, it has to be MILF Performer of the Year.”c5mgbiaxaaq-y3v-jpg-large

What she wants is open opportunity for all female performers without an age restriction, or anything else for that matter.

In other words, every girl should be eligible for that prestigious honor.

“I’m not trying to put anyone down, but some of the best performers are the MILFs, because we’ve been doing that for so long and we know what we are doing and we don’t get the opportunity to win those awards,” Briana explains.

In measuring the success of her comeback, Briana Banks is redefining herself and her brand, finding an exciting new niche in a business that can crush new girls while rewarding the talented performer with a solid fan base.

Experience counts and Briana Banks is among the elite, a rare porn commodity these days when the business is flooded with internet honeys who are often clueless about shooting a good scene.

*          *          *

For pictures of Briana Banks, please click here:

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Think and Talk Sexy

by Rich Moreland, July 2015

Erotic work came early to Mercy West. Her adolescent fascination with outré books and art, those treasures gleaned from scouring book shelves and bins, promoted her love of fetish. Why not make a few bucks doing what she adored?

“I had my first fetish modeling job two or three months after I turned eighteen.”

Looking Sexy Photo courtesy of Mercy West

Looking Sexy
Photo courtesy of Mercy West

Playing in a privately owned dungeon in Tucson, her hometown at the time, kick-started Mercy’s interest in exploring sexuality beyond the bedroom. “I was offered my first artistic fetish modeling job after I had done a awesome scene with the dungeon master the first night.”

Mercy was no stranger to kink. A boyfriend had introduced her to bondage when she was just a young pup, only fifteen. A later, much older partner nudged her into a BDSM relationship that was “really intense,” she affectionately remembers. “He was in his mid-thirties and we really developed our D/s dynamic but it was a switch relationship. I really learned a lot because he had been in the scene for quite awhile.”

From the outset, our fetish honey learned both ends of the whip, a complete education because BDSMers believe that to be a good domme, you must first experience being submissive. Know how it feels before you introduce it to someone else. Be absolutely sure you understand what it means emotionally and psychologically. For now, Mercy’s porn experience in front of the camera has been as a sub . . . that’s where the money is and what the fans want to see.

Pensive Moment Photo courtesy of Sam-R.com

Pensive Moment
Photo courtesy of Sam-R.com

A Few More Fetish Shoots

Recalling the elation that swept over her following that first dungeon scene, Mercy says, “I was really feeling good and was thanking him (the dungeon master) when he said he had a friend that might like to use me for an artistic fetish shoot . . . this really cool suspension shoot in front of a green screen. . .like floating in space suspended on this giant mobile.”

“I get to be tied up by professionals and get to have cool, sexy photos of myself! I had no qualms about it. It just seemed fun. I wasn’t worried about nude pictures of me or people seeing me naked.” Her open mindedness is Mercy’s most endearing personality trait.

At this point, the future was cracking its egg; a tiny chick was breaking out.

Mercy realized she loved fetish modeling and that BDSM was a part of her private life, as it is for the best fetish models. What she needed was trusted guidance to compliment her determination to network and show her wares, including the bit of ink she carries.

A Little Fun with Web Cam Photo courtesy of Mercy West

A Little Fun with Web Cam
Photo courtesy of Mercy West

The bondage photographer became a guidepost in her development. “Sexy alternative glamour” assignments complimented by “a few more fetish shoots” constructed an agenda in those early days. Mild was the tone, nothing hardcore or extreme just “suggestive and fun stuff,” Mercy recollects. Having spent her teen years searching out sexy images of enticing models, seeing her own now was more than exciting. “I liked working with someone who had a vision, who had an idea, who liked using me for their projects,” she declares. Mixed among her interests was a brief stint with web camming. That was Mercy West for a couple of years.

Phone Sex Therapist

A move to New Mexico for school introduced an uneventful time. Online modeling afforded some income, but Mercy admits she was “not really pursuing anything serious” in adult. Her next migration to Portland, Oregon, offered a shot at phone sex “with someone I met through the BDSM community,” she recalls. “We hit it off and she thought I would do well working as an independent phone sex operator.”

The prospects attracted Mercy as did the female owner who helped our queer punk cutie understand how to be successful in the job. They remain friends to this day.

The gig turned into a memorable experience, though Mercy discovered typical phone sex girls don’t “actually enjoy what they were doing . . . for them, it was just ‘cocks and wallets’ as they say in the business.” On the other hand, she found the job rewarding on more than one front.

She was herself on the site as were the other Portland girls who remained apart from the norm. “No fantasy profiles,” she says, “I like the fact that it was so real and focused on girls that actually enjoyed their job.”

The real satisfaction for Mercy was on the other end of the line. “I really enjoyed listening to people’s fantasies, hearing people’s desires, and having people tell me their secrets.” In turn, the callers wanted to know about her and a camaraderie emerged. Honesty created feelings of allegiance.

She was a BDSM switch, she told her “clients,” gender fluid, and pan-sexual. Her open mind hid nothing. “I wasn’t secretive and I actually got an interesting array of people calling me because of my gender fluidity and my openness to other sexualities.” Her callers “didn’t feel judged,” she says, “They were comfortable talking to me . . . not just because I was being paid to listen but because I was genuinely interested.”

Empathy goes a long way in phone sex just as it does in hotline services still offered in some communities. Mercy believes callers talked with her because they couldn’t communicate with their partners or didn’t have a partner or anyone else with whom to share in confidence their thoughts and feelings. Quite frankly, Mercy West became a commercial phone sex therapist borrowing the empathy model of trained counselors.

*          *          *

Web cam. Just for You Photo courtesy of Mercy West

Web cam Just for You
Photo courtesy of Mercy West

Despite her phone sex success, Mercy felt the itch to return to web cam. Chatting with girls who were making a go of it piqued her interest. An unexpected benefit came along for the ride. Mercy “brought to the table something other web cammers didn’t . . . an awesome set of verbal skills.” The learning curve was improving. “I’m used to being a phone sex operator and not having to use my body, so I had to be one hundred percent sexy and give people what they want without doing anything live in front of them.” Not as simple as it sounds because fans are titillated by the visual.

Mercy West is quick to suggest that fans appreciate a girl who tweaks the timeworn package. “They want someone who can think sexy, talk sexy, and give them new ideas and show them new things.” For a moment she pauses to observe that there is a difference between “live” and “staged” performances and comments that she doesn’t know, at least at this point, “how well some porn stars translate to live performances versus staged, edited ones.”

Actually, for performers who feature dance and others who shoot live at Kink.com, it is pretty seamless.

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“Good Luck with That!”

by Rich Moreland, August, 2013

This is a review of Adam and Eve’s The Perfect Secretary III: New Recruit, a film by Nick Orleans.

boxcover perfect secretary

Like all artists, adult film directors express their personal preferences in their work. For John Stagliano, the sex comes first; the story is built around it. Other directors, like feminists Candida Royalle and Nica Noelle, believe the story should be the reason for the sex. Then there are the directors who love the fetish. This is the case with Nick Orleans’ The Perfect Secretary III: New Recruit.

Despite the allure of a shackled Riley Reid on the boxcover, BDSM is not this film’s kink. Perfect Secretary is a pantyhose bonanza. Outfits of all sorts dominate the scenes.

Perfect Secretary offers a unique challenge. The cast is a winner, but at first glance the story is confusing.

Nick Orleans seems sloppy at times, looping the action in one instance and tossing in out-of-order editing in another. Expecting more from Adam and Eve, I decided to apply my skeptic’s eye to the DVD a second time, looking for clues to explain what escaped me. In short order, everything came together to create a delightful movie.

Riley Reid is cute and precious with just the right touch of naiveté and eagerness to be a convincing new recruit.  She plays Vanessa Brooks, a grad student who wants an interview with Dylan Baukriver, the director of a sex therapy institute. The story opens with a smiling Vanessa vigorously masturbating under the covers. She’s wearing her panties and this sets the tone for the film. Crotch rubbing and fabric is an ongoing visual motif.

The BaukRiver Institute sends Vanessa a flashdrive via snail mail with what appears to be clinic advertising. She’s expecting a confirmation of her interview request. The chief administrator, Mistress Mela (Katie St. Ives) in pantyhose, heels, and bra, appears on screen to personally invite Vanessa to the facility. In shock, Vanessa then sees herself in the next segment walking the institute’s corridors accompanied by the clinic’s “fet” girls who are dressed similarly to Mistress Mela.

“What the f**k,” is Vanessa’s response as she watches herself being caressed by Mistress Mela.

Here’s where the story gets tricky. We go immediately to the clinic and follow Vanessa’s adventures, but if I’m correct, the viewer has entered one of her masturbation fantasies. The looping and the appearance and reappearance of certain shots in the movie that seem at first to be choppy editing now make sense. A fantasy does not have a tight narrative.

After awhile, I confess I wanted to see the “fet” girls lose their pantyhose altogether, especially since they were beautifully inked. Only twice did this occur and with only one girl.

Speaking of the gang, here they are: Mistress Mela, followed by Bailey Blue—whose oral work on Jessy Jones begins the film’s sexual encounters—Holly Taylor, Cameron Canada, Staci Silverstone, and Alice Frost. The long-legged Staci blossoms as the only nude girl and a stunning one I might add.

It’s Bailey’s oral that offered the clue I needed. In a bit of clever camera work, James Avalon films the action from underneath a coffee table positioned in front of the couch where Bailey’s mouth is working vigorously on Chad Alva. The table has a glass top so Bailey appears to be going down and up simultaneously because her image is reflected in the glass. She meets herself with each stroke exactly what Vanessa Brooks and Dylan Baukriver will do when they unite. They seek the missing halves of their personalities, a Jungian dream theory. In this case it is dominance versus submission and their kinks are not always what they appear to be. Vanessa, who claims to be a submissive, is dominant in her thinking and the dominant Dylan is a closet sub, as we see later in the cage scene.

There you have it, a touch of Alice in Wonderland. What seems to be reality can be reversed and done over to find its completion. Kudos to Nick Orleans for his artistry.

Quick Matrimony

The mysterious and handsome Mr. Baukriver (Michael Vegas) has some kinks and quandaries but he falls in love with his new recruit, all part of Vanessa’s fantasy. Her anticipated interview disappears from the script (logical because it’s an unlikely focus in a sexual fantasy) and is replaced by the first sex scene between Vanessa and Baukriver. The story ends with the two coupling again for a fun-filled finish. Riley Reed is pure carnality and enticing to watch.

Chanel Preston’s scene with Prince Yashua is a classic Chanel rocking romp, although a bit outré. Teasing Prince with her mocking laugh, Chanel wears unexplained wings that flap with a coquettishness that only Chanel can pull off. Perfect, of course, for a dream or fantasy sequence. The boxcover bills their scene as Chanel’s first interracial. If nothing else, it’s a piece of history for any adult film library.

The only true bondage scene features Chad Alva (as Baukriver’s younger brother) and Katie St. Ives. She dommes him with a flogger, but it’s a bit awkward. A quick check of Katie’s BDSM porn history reveals that she films as a sub and switching may not be comfortable for her. The sex that follows is solid, but not spectacular. My sense is that Katie and Chad may be “rec sex” buddies beyond the film set who were just having some fun.

The anal scene with Richie Calhoun and Dana DeArmond survives on Dana’s sexual delivery. She is a respected pro and true porn icon who one day will be in AVN’s Hall of Fame. However, the ever present “fet” girls who watch close by are distracting. Apparently the shoot was lengthy (the bonus disc mentions that) and the room was hot. Sweat matted hair. The “fet” girls, who touch themselves non-stop through their pantyhose, contribute to the scene’s sluggish pace. At times they look uncertain and languid, glancing at the director with a questioning “What do I do next?”

It’s here that I felt the editing was a problem until I reexamined the scene. Staci Silverstone removes her pantyhose, puts them back on, and appears naked again. The same with Cameron Canada’s alternating opened and closed crotch snaps, very similar to the exchange of spit and cum between Holly and Bailey that is looped in the earlier oral scene.

Now that everything makes sense in light of the story’s purpose, the shoot reinforces the feel Nick Orleans intends.

*        *        *        *        *

Vanessa and Dylan Baukriver fall in love abruptly and without any build up (this is a dream-like fantasy, remember). Wearing a spreader bar around her neck that secures her wrists, Vanessa gets clumsily attached to a gate finial. Baukriver finds her and refuses to help because they have a brief dustup over her safeword. Later she finds him hiding in a cage watching his brother’s punishment. They kiss, express their love, and matrimony quickly comes out of nowhere.

At this point, my favorite character makes a brief appearance. Danny Wylde plays the minister and prefaces the ceremony with the importance of marriage, interjecting with a suppressed chuckle that he’s an expert because he’s had four. Later, after Vanessa promises she will be Dylan’s sub for life, he vows that he will forever be her “lord and master.”

Reverend Wylde comments dryly, “Good luck with that.”

I laughed out loud.

The final sex scene showcases Riley Reid’s oral techniques with the “fet” girls once more taking it all in, rubbing away mechanically through their collective fabrics.

Perfect Secretary III is a fetish film with a BDSM touch. It’s a well conceived and enjoyable tale with industry legends James Avalon and co-producer Jane Hamilton lending their expertise to its success. Recognized as one of the better films of 2013, Perfect Secretary certainly deserves a look.

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