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Engaging Your Brain: A Review of Lesbian Sex 17

by Rich Moreland, October 2017

In Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Sex 17, director Dan O’Connell takes an innovative approach to exploring the performer’s point of view on a variety of topics. In this review, I’ve included a sampling of what the video offers.

To order the DVD, click here.

*          *          *

“With a woman there’s so much to touch and to play with,” Natasha Nice tells Georgia Jones. “I want to cover all the ground!”

Georgia smiles eagerly and Natasha turns the tables, asking Georgia for her thoughts on the same question Georgia posed to her, “How do you like your sex scenes with a woman?”

Depends on her partner, the slim brunette responses.

“If they come out of the gate ready to go you’ve got to match that!”

As I watched the four pairings in Lesbian Sex 17, I remembered being on set for a Dan O’Connell shoot a couple of years ago.

That day I noticed two girls on the veranda engaged in animated conversation. Adria Fox and Jorden Kennedy were awaiting their nod to rock and roll under the lights and had time on their hands. They decided to make use of it with a little “getting to know you.”

Kissing and caressing highlighted with a few giggles, these lovelies began warming up for their scene. When they finally made it to the bedroom, the crew was still setting up. By that time, Jorden and Adria were so into each other that Dan had to remind them to go slow at the beginning.

I wondered how their veranda conversation energized them and I’m betting that any film fan would also. With Dan’s idea of putting the girls together in front of the camera to share their thoughts before the sex begins, we get an inside look.

By the way, Lesbian Sex 17 is not in a BTS (Behind the Scenes) format. There is no interviewer, the girls do that themselves. They talk about whatever they want and lots of good stuff is revealed.

Let’s take a closer at a sampling of what usually stays very private . . .


Each of the pairings have a different style of interaction.

August Ames

August Ames and Penny Pax are giggly and girly with August dominating their interaction because, I think, Penny is by nature more submissive.

Veruca James and Stella Cox are workmanlike and a bit more serious in their conversation. Again, one girl tends to take the lead, in this case Veruca who holds a mug of coffee and directs their conversation.

On the other hand, Natasha Nice and Georgia Jones are playful in a way that reminds the viewer of girl talk around the water cooler. Neither of them overwhelms the discussion though Georgia’s personality presents an unabashed eagerness when the mention of sex comes up.

The other conversation reinforces that the women in this film are well-respected veterans of the business. Chanel Preston and Vanessa Veracruz are a fascinating duo. Chanel’s personality quite literally takes over any room she enters. The statuesque beauty is the personification of presence. On the other hand, the sultry Vanessa holds her own, with points of view that are undeniably strong.

Natasha Nice

Locations also vary. August and Penny are shot relaxing out of doors, as are Chanel and Vanessa. Veruca and Stella sit at a bar while Natasha and Georgia settle in front of a window so the camera can capture the pelting rain that seems to embrace them.


The topics of conversation are not the same within each pairing, a result of not relying on an interviewer. Some things are discussed in common, however, such as masturbation, first time sex with another girl, and entering into porn.

The viewer learns that these girls were body explorers at a young age and by their early teens had thoughts about snuggling up to other girls. Watching porn as a kid almost seemed like a rite of passage and getting into the business was a breeze.

August Ames talks about her strict home environment and the religious overlay that corralled her. That led to smoking weed and hooking up with schoolmates (girls because she went of Catholic school) to play around with the dirty.

Chanel Preston

Chanel and Vanessa also bring up religion and their home life.

“We would go to church, but I wouldn’t say we were a religious family,” Chanel says. As a consequence, following the faith never played a part in how she felt about sex, so there was never any guilt about it. In fact, religion never played a role in anything in her life, Chanel remembers. It was just something her family did.

On the other hand, Vanessa, who is comfortable referring to herself as bisexual, reflects August Ames to a degree.

“I’m a little catholic girl,” the Latina hottie mentions, though her Catholic household was not strict. Not so with her grandmother, however, who doesn’t know what Vanessa does, the same thing, by the way, Vanessa once told me in an interview. Unfortunately, her middle sister, who “flipped out” about Vanessa’s porn career, “ratted me out” to the whole family, she comments.

Vanessa mentions what as a writer in the industry I have heard often. The family scene is difficult for most performers. Society thinks what we do is not the norm, Vanessa exclaims, so we’re outcasts.

Vanessa Veracruz

It’s difficult to tell her family she’s more respected on a porn set than working a normal job.

Fooling Around Young

Penny Pax was less rebellious than her shooting partner August, but remembers getting into the carnal with her female classmates in elementary school.

Penny Pax

She talks about messing around in the bushes on the playground and early versions of fingering for exploratory purposes. Hilariously, carrots and ice cubes came later, the quiet porn superstar muses.

Veruca James

Veruca James admits to masturbating very young and makes an interesting observation about 1970s style porn mags. The guys seemed pretty gross while “the girls seemed so much more tasteful,” she says. “Something about women’s bodies is so much more attractive,” the dark-haired miss believes.

The curvy Stella Cox brings up fetishes and talks about having sex with girls who are not into porn. It’s hard to figure out if they’re lesbian, bi, or just into to having sex with another girl, she comments. Then she adds it’s a longer more involved process to have sex with a woman than a man because having sex with a girl “engages your brain.”

What Approach Do You Take?

Stella Cox

One of the questions Natasha and Georgia bring up is how to handle telling people you do porn. Like similar issues covered by all the girls, this question entails communicating with non-porn people.

Georgia says, “It’s always different. It’s how I’m feeling at the moment.” If she’s not feeling real confident, the slender dynamo tells them she’s a model. Should she be more confident, Georgia says, “I tell them I do porn. Homosexual porn, I say it just like that. I tell them straight up I do lesbian porn.”

That, she declares, gets her “mixed reactions.”

As for Natasha, whose cuddly girl-next-door looks endear her fans, the approach is much the same. “I try to figure them out a little bit. I prefer to say ‘adult entertainer.’ I don’t really get any negative responses.”

Georgia Jones

The other issue they explore has to do with attraction to partners. Georgia is chemistry oriented. She likes girls who are “social smart” and “book smart,” can hold a conversation, and be witty with the ability to “snap back at you,” she says.

Natasha likes a “natural woman,” someone “I might see at the grocery store, not super chiseled like in porn.”

Beyond that surface value, she emphasizes that connecting with the person is vital. She wants her partners to be “someone I can giggle with. I’m still a kid at heart.”

Dan’s Girls

So there you have, a sampling of attitudes and conversation . . . but what about the sex scenes? Well, this is a Dan O’Connell production. The girls wear a minimum of makeup, avoid overly suggestive clothes to keep the “girl next door” image Girlfriends Films has heralded for so long.

It goes without saying that the sex is hot and consumes two hours of rollicking fun. Chemistry comes through on every shoot. Lots of kissing and finger banging is always prevalent and sex toys are assiduously avoided unless it’s an exceptional shoot.

Take notice, for example, of Chanel and Vanessa celebrating the weirdness of a film called Messed Up. It appears to deviate somewhat from the tried and true Girlfriends production.

One thing about all-girl shoots the average fan can appreciate: various degrees of shaving are always present. Bald is beautiful for some, but not all. Stylish trimming is never the same from one girl to the next, so there is something for everybody.

What’s the bottom line on this film? When it comes to girl-on-girl action, Dan’s ladies are always top notch. This time he’s added that inside look that informs the fan of what’s really on her mind!

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The 2017 AEE Extravaganza: Part One

by Rich Moreland, February 2017

I just returned from my annual trip to Las Vegas for the adult industry trade show. As usual my photographer and I teamed with Steve Nelson, the editor of Adult Industry News, to cover as much as possible in our brief four days.

This post is the first of two parts and represents only a portion of what we recorded.

A note on the hyperlinks. If a company’s online home page displays hardcore photos, I did not include the hyperlink here as it may not be suitable for all readers.

Photos provided by AVN are credited where appropriate.

*          *          *


Trade shows are for networking, marketing new products, attending seminars, and in the case of the annual Adult Entertainment Extravaganza, oops, I mean Expo, canvassing porn talent.

This year’s show was one the best I’ve attended. Here are few highlights.

On the production side of the business, I had another opportunity to interview the always busy John Stagliano of Evil Angel. He gave me some thoughts on the incoming administration in Washington DC (my part of the country, by the way). Later in the week, John participated in a seminar on the same topic.


As the week was winding down, I renewed acquaintances with Moose of Girlfriends Films. Though they no longer have a booth in the show, Girlfriends has upped its game on the distribution side of the business and Moose is in Vegas to refresh his industry contacts.

I’m always interested in emerging companies poised to make a splash with a new idea. One relatively recent player is Royal Empire Productions. I interviewed the owner, Robert Morgan, to get his take on what he calls “realistic porn.”


Negotiating The Joint and the Artist and Muse Halls on opening day was easy, the crowd was a little sparser than I anticipated. By week’s end the fan traffic picked up considerably and the show was bustling with an upbeat tempo.


The refreshing part of the AEE experience is running into people unexpectedly. Here are a few examples of my week.

A text exchange led to breakfast with seasoned pro, Natasha Nice. We discussed the possibility of her writing a post or two for this blog.

Photo courtesy of AVN

Photo courtesy of AVN

The super fabulous Chanel Preston gave me a few impromptu moments as did the BBW April Flores when I found her chatting with friends near the AVN booth in Artist Hall.

A couple of times I stopped by Bang.com to pass time with the two legends of porn, Casey Calvert and Maddy O’Reilly.

Love these powerhouse girls.

Maddy and Casey Photo courtesy of AVN

Maddy and Casey
Photo courtesy of AVN

And, by the way, I visited with Chris Cane of Foxxx Modeling where I met a new girl who is bound to become a star, Emma Hix. My interview with this sweetie follows in another post.

Oh yes, timing sometimes fails me. I attempted to persuade a hurried Riley Reid to pause for a “hello” but I might as well have tried to hail a bullet train!

New Face of Porn

A new girl is solidifying her place in porn: the webcam honey. This year’s AEE rolled out the welcome mat for these dynamos who float between real hardcore and solo performances via computer, all in direct connection with their fans. MyFreeCams and Chaturbate seduced show goers with face-to-face fun.

Emma Chase Photo courtesy of AVN

Emma Chase
Photo courtesy of AVN

I met Emma Chase, a Chaturbate girl who stopped me for a moment to demonstrate with her computer how our conversation was soaring through cyberspace. Emma lists her talents as simply “entertainer.”  She’s a delight and if Chaturbate is your thing, go to Google and search her out.

Likewise a goth looker named Eliza Bathory, who markets herself as a model, camgirl, and artist, was at her laptop among the horde of Chaturbate girls. Since I’m fascinated by facial piercing (Eliza has a bunch) I promised to return later to get an interview. Unfortunately, she disappeared into the nether regions of the show. Very Dracula-like.

2017-01-18-09-59-36For the oglers, the Chaturbate crowd had the distinction of being the least dressed. Lots of flesh with pasties all around.



From the marketing side, let’s not forget VR. The Cam4VR booth offered a rousing example of what the whole virtual reality thing is all about; it’s the wave of the future.

Photo courtesy of AVN

Photo courtesy of AVN

I interviewed Ela Darling and among her many talents is a love of VR.

ela4“I am the ‘Queen of VR Porn,'” Ela says, “and the leading voice in the VR industry for the adult industry. I speak at conferences all over the world. People in that space really make room for me. They respect the work that I do, they respect us as an industry and understand that we are an important for the future of VR.”

Direct engagement with the fan is where porn is going in this age of social media, Ela explains.

“We just launched Cam4VR this past year. I’m the world’s first VR camgirl. We’re getting ready to introduce a new camera that’s really cool and a voice-to-voice experience and a private chat network. When you put on that headset, you speak. The performer hears and gets right back [to you].”


From year to year, the AEE rearranges its spaces to maximize the fan experience. The most obvious this year involved the setup for BDSM enthusiasts.

Photo courtesy of AVN

Photo courtesy of AVN

The bondage carnival known as The Lair relocated from the second level of The Joint to the floor of Artist Hall, a move I’m sure to increase its visibility and fan traffic.

BDSM equipment and a demonstration or two (All models were fully dressed, there was more flesh on a Chaturbate girl!) highlighted its activities.

Lastly, every year I come away with the same thought on the show. Artist and Muse Halls are easier to negotiate than the tight spaces of The Joint. Being a bit claustrophobic, I do appreciate the efforts of AVN to keep movement as smooth as possible!

Stay tuned for part two of this report.

Easy entrance into the show Photo courtesy of AVN

An easy and convenient entrance into the show
Photo courtesy of AVN


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The Meaning of Consent: Beginning

by Rich Moreland, February 2016

In light of the widely reported James Deen/Stoya incident, I decided to investigate the issue of sexual consent in adult film with the understanding that their dustup was largely off camera. Performers with whom I talked agreed that the affair was personal and passing judgment on the couple was not something anyone wanted to do.

Stoya and James Photo courtesy of AVN

Stoya and James
Photo courtesy of AVN

However, everyone has an opinion on how to deal with consent. Here’s what became evident.

The Director

Directors are sensitive about issues on their sets and having performers know what to expect in a shoot is important to them. From the other side of the camera, there is a tacit understanding among talent that porn is a unique business and anyone who is paid for sex acts on film knows (or should know) what they have signed up for.

Performers indicated that directors let them find their own comfort level, though sometimes what they get excited about sexually may exceed what the company is good to go with. In those cases, directors rein in the action to conform to protocol. This is especially true when dealing with BDSM.

On the other hand, no one I interviewed indicated that directors blatantly looked the other way for the sake of getting a scene that will sell. Simply put, good directors adhere to performer limits.

No Means No

All performers, regardless of their time in the business, feel the need to discuss their limits with their co-stars.

Therefore . . .

No means no, period. Performers can’t stress this enough. Boundaries and limits can be pushed, quite often subtly, and veteran models will raise a red flag when situations get dicey.

The sticking point, however, is that boundaries are a matter of interpretation because limits differ from person to person. Nevertheless, performers are on board with the following:

When a model heads for home after a work day, any second thoughts she might have about what went on in front of the camera presents a problem that demands attention. This situation is deeply personal to performers because most have been there before which brings us to another commonality everyone shares.

Easy Targets

Newcomers need to be informed about what to anticipate before ever stripping down for the camera. In particular, girls who enter the business at the earliest possible age should be educated about establishing their boundaries and how to stop the action if they are violated.

This is important because neophytes don’t know what to expect. “Barely legal” girls just out of high school have never had a real job before, especially one in which big bucks are made quickly.  They want work as much as they can, in effect becoming easy targets for excesses.

Fortunately, some experienced performers step in to mentor fresh faces, reinforcing the linchpin of a successful porn career: taking personal responsibility for what happens on a set.

One more point. In the last few years porn talent has organized a self-help group, APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee). Part of its mission is to offer newcomers a road map into the business.

Final Thought

The Deen/Stoya situation has opened a discussion and the blog posts that follow are industry voices who were forthright, painting the consent picture with their own colorful palette. Their perspectives are as diverse as porn itself.

I thank everyone who talked with me and must say I was impressed with their honesty.

Enjoy the posts.

    *           *           *

I’ve tackled this subject in previous posts and encourage checking out the views of Natasha Nice, Ela Darling, and Mercy West. Just type in “consent” in the search box above and the articles will show up.

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Natasha Nice: Part Two, Setting Boundaries

by Rich Moreland, January 2016

In this segment of our interview, Natasha talks frankly about sex work and how it is perceived. All photos are from her social media. Watermarks identify photographers or studios.

*          *          *

Returning in 2015

In the adult film business, the average career is short. Estimates vary, but most people agree anywhere from six to eighteen months is the norm. That doesn’t take into account the “one and done” girl who gives the business a shot or two then retreats home to pursue other interests.

For Natasha Nice, a real career is already on the ledger. Entering in 2006, she took a hiatus in 2013 to fill in the blanks on the college education she decided against right out of high school.

CUPMiaGUAAAPK7F“I chose to pause and focus on school for a bit and now I’m ready to move forward. I don’t know if anyone sees me as a ‘MILF’ yet, and I don’t feel like one, but I would like to shoot scenes where the woman is more in charge.”

What appeals to her are roles like “boss, teacher, Domme, and rich bitch in Beverly Hills.”

She explains her thinking.

“I am older now. It’s not just about whatever I can play to get work, it’s about exploring various aspects of my more mature personality.”

In late 2015, the sensuous brunette returned to adult with one film and signed with LA Direct Models where her model profile lists girl/girl, anal, and interracial among her offerings.

Make Sure to Take Care of Yourself

Before we pick up her thoughts on consent discussed earlier, I asked Natasha about how age has changed her career.

“I had already played the young girl for so long and I’d been shooting boy/girl (no anal) for about six years. I felt it was time to evolve [as a performer].”

That put anal on her agenda.

“I shot my first anal two days ago and it was really enjoyable,” she beams.

Natasha reminds any girl contemplating backdoor sex to loosen up and take it easy during the scene and prepare because inconveniences can arise.

“Had I not prepped myself beforehand and relaxed, I would have hurt myself. It is really enjoyable if you make sure to take care of yourself.”

Natasha’s advice gets us back to consent. I mentioned that some industry people and many in the public think of porn girls as trash. How does this play into consent?

CWoaN8CUkAAt2mONot Ashamed

“I think a lot of people look at us like people who don’t respect ourselves, who are dirty, dumb, and untrustworthy,” Natasha begins. She admits that may true for some of her fellow performers. After all, “what industry doesn’t have bad seeds?”

But she quickly counters that sex work doesn’t make a girl trash.

“We sex workers really have to work hard to prove ourselves because sex is still looked at as something that women should not have too much of and men should only have a certain kind of. So sex workers are stigmatized as not being respectable because we’re doing this wrong thing and we’re doing it publicly and for money.”

In fact, Natasha believes that “sex workers are brave and interesting.”

But that doesn’t moderate popular view.

“It’s not easy to challenge social conventions and be looked down on by people, sometimes even your family,” she states, before delving further to make her point.

“There is no correlation between character and sexual behavior. People think they know you because of your sexual practices.”

Natasha elaborates that “non-traditional sex lives, people who do things differently, are usually labeled mental defectives. At the very least, we are not considered respectable.”

Then she gets personal.

When she got into the business, Natasha didn’t consider that having sex on camera was wrong. Actually, she thought of it as “liberating.” She throws aside any conclusions others might reach about how she probably had an awful childhood that caused her to not love herself.

sample 1

“I’m not ashamed of my body or my sex drive” is how this French native describes her attitude.

As a clarification, Natasha draws the line between legal and illegal sex work because often people assume that porn girls are hookers.

“If you don’t separate it [legal sex work from the illegal] you’re insinuating that all porn stars, who have the right to be porn stars, are also willing to break the law. Just because you do porn doesn’t mean you’re willing to be a criminal, [it] doesn’t mean you’re untrustworthy.”

Dismantle the Belief System

My next question to Natasha concerned pornography and self-respect.

“It helps to eliminate the belief that porn stars don’t deserve respect or the ‘I’m a whore, nobody cares what I have to say syndrome,'” she responds.CWsmnyuVEAA_zB7

Conjecturing that for some girls, “it may be true that they don’t care what you have to say [about them], but they’re wrong.” A performer “actually matters and has something to say,” she insists.

“We’ve all been raised in a world where women are less than [equal] and openly sexual women and even less [so]. Everywhere you go, that belief inhabits people’s minds.”

Sex workers, in Natasha’s opinion, “have a duty to dismantle that belief system by being equal, not just by hating the fact that we’re currently seen as not equal. Does that make sense?”

To me? Absolutely, I authored a book about feminism in the adult industry and I couldn’t agree more!

“Yes” Should Never be Assumed

Returning to the main issue of our interview, Natasha Nice imparts a final thought that strikes at the heart of adult entertainment and any performer caught up in a James Deen/Stoya type controversy.

She believes “no” means “no,” as do other industry girls with whom I’ve talked. Being “off the porn set” does not change the rules. In other words, assumptions about a girl’s personal sex life cannot be made.

“The absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.’ If you don’t say ‘no’ that doesn’t mean you’ve said ‘yes,'” Natasha reminds us, then adds a dose of bitter truth. Without a ‘yes’ from any girl, porn or civilian, forcing sex on her is rape.

So, where does this leave us?

“Consent isn’t just about people respecting your boundaries,” Natasha believes, “it’s also about setting them.”

And setting boundaries conquers shame and creates an equality that rectifies the misrepresentation of what the sex worker image is all about.

Within the industry, it’s a shot across the bow for every performer, director, crew, agent, and studio who ignores what happens on the set or pushes girls into doing what they would rather avoid.


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Natasha Nice: Part One, We’ve All Been There

by Rich Moreland, January 2016

In my recent interview with performer Natasha Nice, she talked about consent in adult film. It has become an industry lightning rod as you will see in our discussion. All photos are courtesy of her social media. Watermarks identify the studios where appropriate.

*          *          *

Sure, Why Not?

Natasha Nice came into porn at the earliest age possible. Now twenty-seven, she’s a treasure trove of porn wisdom sprinkled with practical common sense.

First, a little background to introduce our star.

CUnL5OcUsAQxLLsThe curvaceous sweetie is a native of France. When she was three, her family emigrated to America and settled in Los Angeles. In 2006, Natasha finished her education at a private academy in Hollywood and couldn’t resist the open-minded charm of the city’s entertainment industry.

“I had just graduated high school and was completely against the idea of going to college right away,” Natasha tells me. Instead, she opted for adventure and checked out nude modeling. As sometimes happens, porn eventually drifted into the picture. “I just kinda thought nothing of it like, ‘sure, why not.'”

A successful career followed, producing a body of work most girls in adult can only dream of. In December 2011, Natasha was selected Penthouse Pet of the Month, a supreme industry compliment.

In light of the James Deen/Stoya allegations, I want to take Natasha in a different direction from the usual porn girl interview. I asked about consent and what it means for the sex worker.

Natasha’s response is indicative of her intellect.

Tapping his Thigh

Monitoring consent “should be a big concern for everyone on set,” she begins.

“I know some performers who admit there have been times when things have gotten a bit too much, but most consider it part of the job.”

CVkIF88UwAAoBcYHas she had any personal incidences? You bet, and this 5’2″ dynamo pulls no punches.

“There have been a couple of times where the guy was going really deep and it kinda hurt, so I signaled him to slow it down by tapping his thigh.”

He paid little attention to her concerns, Natasha remembers, so she tried another approach. She bared her teeth before settling into oral sex, “just for insurance.”

Natasha hastens to add that incidents like this are not frequent. Most porn guys are pretty good to work with and she rarely has to take extreme measures to get them to back off.


Our conversation shifts a bit.

Porn is sex work and given that it carries a stigma, should girls be surprised that uncomfortable things happen during shoots?

To put another spin on the question, no one is coerced into performing sex acts on camera, regardless what some people want to believe. So, what is consent and what are its boundaries?CLGvrz1WsAEVExR

Natasha frames her answer by looking at an all-too-common mindset which she takes logically to its conclusion.

If a girl shows up to work thinking she is less a person because of her profession or feels shame “because society has told her she is a bad person for doing porn, she’s less likely to say ‘no’ or ‘stop.'”

“Pair that with a director whose job it is to get hardcore content and the girl doesn’t speak up,” Natasha states, “he’s going to go as far as he can.” It’s the nature of the business.

In other words, Natasha is challenging what many directors say they monitor closely, a girl’s limits.

But there’s more. A performer can turn against herself.

“She might go home after the scene and be like ‘I didn’t like that,’ and because she thought she couldn’t say anything, she’d be inclined to blame the director and male talent for pushing her boundaries when she didn’t state her boundaries [to begin with].”

To complicate the issue, we have society’s attitudes about porn performers as throwaway people.

“At the same time,” Natasha comments, “it’s no secret that men in porn and men everywhere think women, especially porn stars, should just shut up and take it.”


No Position to Fight Back

Relating her point of view to Stoya’s story, Natasha understands how the actress, whom she has never met, may have felt.

“If what I’ve read is true and Stoya was in no physical position to fight back and James took advantage of that, then we should all be on the lookout” for guys who might abuse girls on camera.

Natasha uses the business world as a comparison. Bosses “care about” their employees because they benefit the company. Putting herself in the place of the studio owner, the French lass says she “would want Stoya to be okay to continue shooting good scenes for me and feel like she can let loose as much as she wants to on my set without being sexually harassed.”

“On the other hand,” Natasha continues, “if Stoya chose not to stop the scene because she was afraid of people thinking less of her, that’s on her and we’ve all been there. That’s why we really have to emphasize our boundaries before the scene starts, even though it’s uncool, we’ll live.”

If the shoot is BDSM oriented, another question comes up. Natasha has filmed for Kink.com where the crew is alerted to safety concerns that may arise during shoots. There “are others on set” who should have stepped in when things got rough, she says. If someone “heard Stoya use her safeword . . . why didn’t they say anything?”

Next we’ll ask Natasha about the sex worker label and how it fits into the adult profession today.

Natasha with Charley Chase

Natasha with fellow performer Charley Chase

*         *         *

Take a look at Natasha’s website natashanice.com when you have a chance. She’s on twitter @benicenatasha.

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Try Something New

by Rich Moreland, October, 2013

This the final installment of the Bound by Desire series. In order to appreciate its contribution to the new submission pornography genre, all three films should be viewed in their entirety.


Bound by Desire: A Property of Love, is the latest in a series of BDSM romances from Smash Pictures. Part of the rising “submission pornography” genre, this film is a cornucopia of bondage in a single sitting.

The lovely and hard bodied Casey Calvert is the film’s anchor. She’s her husband’s collared slave and they have a mutual admiration society, he wants her to have fun and she wants him to play with other sluts.

Strawberries and Wedded Bliss Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Strawberries and Wedded Bliss
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Enter Casey’s old friend Natasha Nice, a fresh possibility for Casey’s mate (Richie Calhoun) to expand his domming skills.

“You’ll have fun. I want you to try something new,” Casey assures Natasha.

As the film opens, Richie is seducing Natasha over a snack of strawberries. Casey kneels in front of them, offering her back as a human table. There’s a bit of drool leaking around the ball gag in her mouth, very cool. Casey Calvert, an enthusiastic and real life submissive, is at her best at this moment. Her sensual kinkiness will grace the film throughout.

The Table and the Gag. Photo courtesy of Smash Pictures

The Table, the Gag, and the Girl on her Knees
Photo courtesy of Smash Pictures

Everything in this film is mutual and consensual, as BDSM relationships should be. But a newbie requires a little prepping. Casey tells Natasha she and Richie are open minded. She is allowed to have other men if Richie approves. And there’s fairness. Since he “officially collared” her, Richie has abandoned his other subs.

This is marriage, BDSM style.

An uncertain Natasha is interested, but needs convincing. “He beats you and ties you up, and you like it?” she asks to Casey.

It’s all about giving him pleasure, a nonchalant Casey replies. Her satisfaction is in “giving up control.” Casey likes being flogged, the sensation is intoxicating and the sex afterward is “so much more intense.” Natasha’s expression reveals all. She’s stuck in a vanilla groove and the needle needs moving. Her last boyfriend was strictly “missionary,” she laments, and the prospects of something new are enticing.

The Conversation that Convinces Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

The Conversation that Convinces
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

But there is a small problem. “Aren’t these the type of things that can end marriages?” Natasha suggests.

Casey reassures her about trust and compliments Natasha’s sexiness, all designed to persuade her buxom friend to be a sub for a day.

So while Casey becomes walk away furniture, Richie invites Natasha to participate in a self-indulgent play scenario over strawberries. The amply endowed French actress is game and so is the viewer.

From there the first sex scene of the movie is ready to go. Natasha Nice is a beauty and submits superbly. There are a string of fetishes offered: spanking, blindfolds, rope, paddles, and a brief flash of suspension. Addressing him as “Sir,” Natasha begs for the sexual  intensity Casey craves.

When Natasha is released from her bonds and the sex moves to the bed, the rope marks on her wrists become that delightful touch BDSMers know well.

Four Women

This film accomplishes its task, show BDSM sex in a way couples and women want to see it and try it. Bound by Desire Three does not play to a particular performer though Casey Calvert carries the movie on her back (pun intended) as she demonstrates in the opening scene. Rather, the film plays to the fetish.

Central to Bound‘s meaning is a look at four women, all representing a different aspect of BDSM.

First there is the romantic couple who block out the rest of the world in their own playroom. Allie Haze is trusting and comfortable with her lover Ryan Driller. In one scene she is suspended, flogged, and nailed from the rear. By far the favorite of BDSM fans in this film, the scene alone is worth the price of the DVD.

Allie and Ryan Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Allie and Ryan
Photo Courtesy of Smash PicturesAllie

Then there is Casey, of course, a slave and the kinkiest of all film’s players. Unlike the other girls, the viewer gets the feeling that if her marriage did end, Casey would find another master.

Next is Natasha, the neophyte who is discovering the fetish. We are convinced she will be a convert. Lastly, there is the older woman dominatrix and younger male sub. Julia Ann and Logan Pierce fill this niche.

Of course, any submission porn film must have a contrasting vanilla scene to give the fetish its meaning. In this case, the beautiful Alexis Ford fulfills that role in a well-shot bedroom scene with Johnny Castle.

Alexis and Johnny Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Alexis and Johnny
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Ice Cubes and Riding Crops

“I’m kinky and it takes more to get me going, to satisfy me,” Casey says early in the narrative. She’s quite different from the other girls: Allie took her time getting into the fetish and Natasha, who might one day reach that point, is still a bondage rookie.

In the dining room scene, Natasha and Casey are bound spread-eagled at opposite ends of the table, ball gags an added touch. Richie and Johnny will drink a little wine and play with the submissives using ice cubes on nipples and belly along with deftly placed strikes of riding crops.

Two on the Table Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Two on the Table
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Casey Calvert’s reactions are authentic, not scripted. She arches her back wantonly with each blow, an energy that signals her satisfaction. Natasha is more subdued. This is a vital contrast in the film; it shows the viewer the difference between a true kinkster and a girl just getting started in BDSM and maybe not sure where it will go.

Later when her turn finally comes to show her sexual skills, Casey concludes the film with its hottest sex scene. She’s a screamer and Johnny Castle will accommodate her with deep penetration. Once again Director Jim Powers gives the viewer rope marks on Casey’s ankles and wrists. He lets BDSMers know he understands their fetish and tells vanilla viewers that a few marks are expected and cherished.

The sex scenes in this film are all good. Allie Haze and Casey Calvert standout with their oral skills, Julia Ann is the perfect MILF, Natasha and Alexis are veterans who know how to frame their bodies for the camera.

But it’s the kink that’s the heart of the matter.

A Muse and a Messenger

Going over the Script: Casey, Richie, and Natasha Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Going over the Script: Casey, Richie, and Natasha
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

Good fortune came my way when I had the opportunity to chat with Casey Calvert about making this film. Being a part of the Bound by Desire series was “really a treat” for her.

When I mentioned the submission porn genre, Casey enthusiastically replied, “I loved the opportunity to act out a BDSM fantasy storyline.” She went on to praise the people at Smash for producing “a great series for couples curious about BDSM.”

“As a lifestyler,” Casey added, “I feel honored to be the one to introduce new people to the fetish world.”

In this writer’s view Casey Calvert was the perfect choice for this series. She’s the real deal, a gorgeous kinky performer who doesn’t get enough rough sex and bondage for those who like red marks with their porn. Hopefully, this will change going forward because Casey’s fans want to see her in the perils of bondage having one raging orgasm after another.

She’s the muse and the messenger for the new genre.

The Muse Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

The Muse of Submission Porn
Photo Courtesy of Smash Pictures

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